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Daisy CFO Patch Activities

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Ambassador CFO Patch Activities

If you have finished the CFO Patch requirements , you may order it by clicking here for $1.50 each including shipping.

Thank you to the 413 girls who completed the CFO Patch survey. Click here for survey results.

* CFO stands for Chief Financial Officer and is the person in charge of the finances at this Girl Scout council. The CFO manages cash and investments, oversees budgets, prepares and reviews financial reports, and finds ways to spend money more wisely. The CFO of the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio is John Graves. The CFO of the Girl Scouts of the USA is Angela Olden.


Making Girl Scout History Patch          

Learn about Juliette Gordon Low, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, World Centers, the history of Girl Scout Cookies, and camping!  The Making Girl Scout History Patch program offers troops and individual girls of all ages an opportunity to learn something new about the history of Girl Scouting while enjoying a variety of activities.  Complete the following requirements to earn the Making Girl Scout History Patch.  Do activities that are appropriate for your girls.  If your girls are knowledgeable with the requirements in one level, challenge them by doing the requirements in the next level.  If they are unfamiliar with the subject, do the requirements in the previous level.  Flexibility is built into this program on purpose.  The important thing is for the girls to learn new information on the basics of Girl Scouting. (NOTE: Additional year bars referred to in the document have not yet been developed.)

Patches can be purchased in the Council Shop.

This patch program was designed by the GSNEO History Committee.