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At Girl Scouts, discovery and new experiences are around the corner.  Lots of fun with your troop/group and big accomplishments are waiting! 

Just imagine what you’ll do next…

Join us for another year of fun when you renew you and your girls for the 2016 membership year. Renew on-line today, or call the GSNEO customer care at 800-852-4474 and we’ll walk you through it.

Troop Renewal – Ended on 9/30/15

Renewing all the girls and adults in your troop is easy! Use the button below or visit the My GS Community and navigate to the My Troop tab. From there, you'll be able to renew girls and adult volunteers, pay for memberships, and gear up for another year of Girl Scout adventures!

Individual & Family Renewal

Individuals can also renew girl and adult memberships through My GS using the Girl and Adult Renewal Tabs. Additionally, if you have multiple people to renew you can do this through our Family Renewal Tab. Use our handy instructions to guide you through the renewal process!

Lifetime Members - Renew Or Add Volunteer Roles

As a Lifetime Member of Girl Scouts - your membership renews automatically every year! However, lifetime members must renew, add, or change any volunteer roles at the start of each program year. Use our instructions that cover both adding new roles and renewing current roles!