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NOTE: Construction on road bridges has impacted several routes to Camp Ledgewood.  Please check the detour maps before traveling to and from Camp Ledgewood.

>>Camp Ledgewood Construction Detour Information

Camp Ledgewood

Camp Ledgewood by Slidely Photo Gallery


7047 Akron Peninsula Road, Peninsula OH 44264

Camp Ledgewood is located in Peninsula (Summit County), within the boundaries of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This 350-acre camp features Low Lodge dining hall and activity center, swimming pool with shower house, low and high ropes courses, zip line, archery range, hiking trails, amphitheater, observatory, and Lake Loomis for canoeing, kayaking, and nature studies.

Housing units include cabins, platform tents, and adirondacks. The units have a common space for group activities, campfire circle and/or fireplace, latrines, and a wash area with sinks.

Please remember that Camp Ledgewood is closed from early June through mid-August for Resident Camp. Camp Ledgewood is also closed weekends of National holidays.

News & Updates

July 2017

Camp Ledgewood is gearing up for Summer Camp!  The Conestoga Wagon Unit, Prairie Point is finished and summer campers are enjoying the new site.

Other improvements continue to take place. See photos below for details.

  • IMG_0191

    Camp Ledgewood -
    Paved road to Caravan site with gravel.

  • IMG_0227

    Camp Ledgewood - Four bed cabin in progress.

  • IMG_0192

    Camp Ledgewood - Unfinished road to cabin unit.

  • IMG_0171

    Camp Ledgewood - Prairie Point wagons.

  • IMG_0194

    Camp Ledgewood - Inside the wagons.

Getting Started...

The first thing Camp Ledgewood needed to begin Master Plan construction is a new water system.  Now underway is a water system upgrade.

The entire water system is being redesigned, not only to bring water to the new facilities that will be constructed, but to improve service to the existing areas. This means installation of pipes, water treatment plant, and fire suppression systems.

The Big Picture - New Construction

Over 2017 and 2018, there is a lot going on at Camp Ledgewood.

During 2017, campers can look forward to the completion of a new Conestoga Wagon unit, named Prairie Point and a site with 8 troop cabins and one large unit house to support the troops, which we are temporarily referring to as "Outpost." "Outpost" will receive its official site name by a membership vote to be held in Summer 2017.

In 2018, ground breaking of the Program Center and surrounding area, as well as two new troop houses will begin. 

Click on the topics below to see what the excitement is all about!

The Big Picture

Check out the images below to see all the wonderful and exciting changes coming to Camp Ledgewood during the next two years.

  • 2014-0918  UPDATED SITE PLAN cropped thumb

    Camp Ledgewood
    The Big Picture

  • pro ctr sit plan thumb

    Detailed Site Map of
    Program Center and Surroundings

2017 Prairie Point - Conestoga Wagon Unit

Construction has already begun on Prairie Point Conestoga Wagons.

Go back in time and imagine what it was like for American pioneers.

  • Wagonfront thumb

    Conestoga Wagon
    Front View

  • wagon_out

    Conestoga Wagon
    Back View

  • WagonInterior thumb

    Conestoga Wagon
    Interior - Sleeps 8

2017 Outpost - Troop Cabin Site

On the Southern side of Ledgewood, campers can look forward to the serene and beautiful setting of Outpost.

Complete with 8 troop cabins and a unit house to support them.

Click on the images below to view a larger image of what's in store for you!

  • cabin unit site plan (2) thumb

    Site Plan

  • cabin unit elevation thumb

    Troop Cabins Exterior

  • unit house elevation thumb

    Unit House Exterior

  • typical cabins plans thumb

    Troop Cabin Floor Plans

  • 1216 _009 A1 LW UHCA Floor Plan RCP and Elevations thumb

    Detailed Troop Cabin Renderings

  • unit house plan thumb

    Unit House Floor Plan

2018 Program Center

The Program Center means big changes for Camp Ledgewood.  Situated in the heart of camp, the new Program Center will provide endless possibilities for future camp programs and troop enjoyment.

Click on the images below to see enlarged drawings of the Program Center and surrounding area.

  • pro ctr site plan cropped thumb

    Program Center
    Detailed Site Plan

  • pro ctr health ctr elevations thumb

    Program Center
    Exterior View

  • pro ctr health ctr plan thumb

    Program Center
    Floor Plan

2018 Troop Houses

Another new camping site, situated on the South side of Camp Ledgewood, is Troop House units. 

Each unit features sleeping accomodations for the entire troop, leader rooms, indoor bathrooms and showers, a common room and kitchen.

Click on the images below to see larger images.

  • troop house site plan (2) thumb

    Troop House
    Site Plan

  • troop house elevation thumb

    Troop House
    Exterior View

  • troop house plan thumb

    Troop House
    Floor Plan