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Camp Timberlane Trails

Timberlane Trails

Explore the trails at Camp Timberlane!

Camp Timberlane has four trails for you to enjoy during your days at camp.

Perimeter Trail

Perimeter Trail is 3.1 miles  and circles around camp. The trail begins at Stocker Lodge. The trail takes almost 2 hours so plan accordingly. The level of difficulty of this trail is moderately strenuous in sections. Bridges on the trail make creek crossing easy. You'll cross Frankenburg Creek as it flows on its way into the Vermillion River. The trail follows an old deer trail on your way to Ox-Bow Lake.

Woodhaven Trail

The Woodhaven Trail is half a mile in length, but there is a lot to see on this trail.

The trail starts at the edge of Woodhaven meadow. Much of this trail area was part of a farms long before Girl Scouts were there. Look for signs of farming and new growth along the trail.

Naturalist Trail

The Naturalist Trail is a brisk nearly half-mile in length. It runs adjacent to some of the connecting trails at Camp Timberlane.  See what you can discover on this trail!

Outpost Trail

The Outpost Trail is just under a quarter mile in length. The trail takes its hikers to the primitive camping Outpost site. You'll be amazed at all the beauty that is in this trail!

Connecting Trails

If you'd like to explore the trails or have hiked them before, it's time to explore the Connecting Trails at Camp Timberlane. These connections make the long trails shorter and give you a new area of camp to explore.