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2018 SouthPark Mall Lock-In

Saturday, February 17, 2018 - Sunday, February 18, 2018

Welcome to the 2018 SouthPark Mall Lock-In information page!  You can find all required forms and event updates here.  Be sure to check often—we’ll be updating this page to include all details about our biggest event of the year!

Do you need to register?  Head over to our events list and look for “SouthPark Mall Lock-in.”

Top Ten Things to Know

1. Registration

Event registration will open on November 1st and close January 16th.  Those who register early get the benefit of a reduced price.  Registration orders completed by January 5th will be $28 per person.  Any order taken after January 5th will be $32 per person.  Registrations after the close date of January 16th will only be accepted in limited, difficult circumstances.  ALL registrations after the close date of January 16th will incur a $5 late fee per person.

2. SouthPark Mall Hold Harmless Form

SouthPark Mall requires a Hold Harmless form to be completed for ALL event participants – girls, adult chaperones, and volunteers on the night of the event.  This is an electronic form that must be submitted PRIOR to the event, and no later than February 1st.  Parent/Guardian signatures are required for participants under age 18.  Those who do not submit the form will not be able to attend the event.

A link for the form will be include in your registration confirmation.  This email and link should be forwarded to ALL PARTICIPANTS that were registered in the order.  Each participant can then complete the form and click submit.  The form is available at

We are no longer accepting printed copies of these forms – as you can imagine, it is difficult to manage 3000+ forms being submitted in multiple ways (i.e. mail, fax, email, photo text, drop off).

Electronic forms allow us to generate a report to identify who has not completed this requirement. 

3. Event Volunteers

We need volunteers to help make our Mall Lock-In event a success!  We are no longer requiring each troop to secure a volunteer.  We’ve opened up this opportunity to any adults who would like to help AND Girl Scout Ambassadors who are interested in a different way to experience this event!  Just go online and register for your choice of volunteer options and the date/time that works best for you.  Volunteers will be needed to pack and distribute t-shirts/wristbands/other goodies, assist with check-in for the event, and facilitate activity stations during the event.  THANKS in advance!! 

4. Early Pick-Up Option

Pick up your event items (T-shirts/Wristbands/Other goodies) in advance to avoid long lines on the night of the event!  A full schedule of early pick-up dates and times is listed below – the exact location is based on mall space availability at the time, and will be communicated closer to the event date.

Bring your order confirmation with you – either printed or on your mobile device.  The order confirmation shows how many girls and adults were registered, t-shirt sizes, and preferred movie time.  This will help our team of volunteers to provide you with the correct items you ordered.  You will be able to pick up for others, as long as you have their registration confirmation.  We’ll have you sign a master list to confirm that you have received everything.    

Here’s a full list of EARLY PICK-UP times to choose from.  For your convenience, we’ve offered additional weekend options on Feb 9-11.  Please Note:  There is no early pick-up on Feb 14 (Valentine’s Day) or Feb 16 (the day before the event).

  • Friday, Feb 9            6-9PM
  • Saturday, Feb 10      11AM-2PM and 6-9PM
  • Sunday, Feb 11        11AM-2PM
  • Monday, Feb 12        11AM-2PM and 6-9PM
  • Tuesday, Feb 13       11AM-2PM and 6-9PM
  • Thursday, Feb 15      6-9PM

Can’t make it for any early pick-up options?  No worries – you can also check in and pick up on the night of the event! 

5. Check In

Check-in will be held from 8pm-10pm at the Southeast Main Entrance (next to Dick’s Sporting Goods). Park near this entrance by light poles #52 and #53.  There will be several check-in lanes with easy to find signage to help you check-in quickly and easily.  Lanes will begin near the entrance doors, and will wind around the hallway to the check-in point. 

Groups that can take advantage of Early Pick-Up will receive their EVENT WRISTBANDS when picking up t-shirts, etc.  Be sure all group participants are together and have their wristbands ON before entering the mall.  You will choose one of the FASTPASS lanes to check-in. 

If you are not able to do early pick-up, choose one of the PICK UP WRISTBAND lanes.  Be sure your group is together and have your CONFIRMATION(S) with you.  You will receive your wristbands and be directed to the location to pick up t-shirts and other items.

6. Campsites

You can begin setting up your campsite space ONLY after the mall closes at 9pm.  Be sure to keep your items contained along the edges of the hallway to allow walkways throughout the mall.  Please do not tape signs to store walls/windows.  HINT:  Bring as little as possible with you. The more you carry in – the more you have to carry out with tired girls!

PLEASE keep ALL mall lounge seating areas open for everyone to use throughout the night.  THANK YOU!  These spaces are not to be used for troop campsites.  Groups using these sites will be asked to move to a new location.  If we find group gear in these lounge areas and no troop member is available at the site, we may move your gear to the T-Shirt Pick-Up location.  (We really don’t want to have to do this – but leaving notes for groups to relocate didn’t work last year.) 

7. Opening Ceremony

We’ll start up the fun at 10pm in the Mall Center Court.  This time allows mall guests to exit before our event begins – and time for you to set up your campsite and gather at center court to kick off the event!  After the opening ceremony, you’ll enjoy a full night of stage performances, activity stations, and shopping at participating stores!   

8. Closing Ceremony

Join us for our farewell at 5am at the Mall Center Court.  We’ll do prize drawings (must be present to win), recognition of the Banner Contest winners and a closing song.  All groups must collect their banners at the Closing Ceremony.  Any banners remaining after the event will be disposed of.  After the Closing Ceremony, return to your campsite to gather your items and begin departure. 

9. Departure

We’ll begin departure at 5:30am, after the Closing Ceremony.  We ask that you gather your items after the Closing Ceremony, and plan to stagger your departures between 5:30am-6:30am.  This will allow for less congestion at the exit door and the parking lot.  Do not plan to bring your vehicles to the door for departure, this will cause a traffic jam and unsafe walking space.  Plan to walk as a group to your vehicles in the parking lot. 

10. Event Rules

To be respectful of all participants, the following rules will be enforced during our event.  Please review this list with all girls and adults in your group.

  • Adults are responsible (as always) for their group’s behavior.
  • Lounge seating areas are not to be used as campsites.
  • Keep campsite areas contained to allow a walkway throughout the mall.
  • Do not hang signs on walls or windows – they will be removed.
  • Wear shoes at all times (unless you are sitting/sleeping at your campsite).
  • No running in the mall – there are too many people for this.
  • No gymnastics – handstands, backflips, etc. are unsafe on concrete floors!
  • No throwing items or dropping objects from the upper floor.
  • Use elevator only when needed for transportation – not as a fun ride.
  • Use escalators safely – wear shoes, stand up, ride in correct direction only.




Other FAQs about the Mall Lock-In

Can we add girls after we register our troop/group for the event?

Yes, you can add people up until the close date.  However, it’s best to register the full group that is attending together.  Be sure to have all of your registration confirmations with you for the group you are picking up items for and for check-in.   

I have a girl/adult who can no longer attend the event. Can I give their ticket to another person?

Yes, you can make adjustments to your group if needed.  Please note that ALL participants (girls and adults) must be currently registered members of Girl Scouts in order to attend the event.  All adult chaperones who attend the event must also be approved volunteers with a completed background check. AND, all participants must complete the SouthPark Mall Hold Harmless form online.  These forms are due by February 1st

We will not be able to make changes to the t-shirt sizes that were ordered.  If the new attendee is not part of your troop/group, you will be responsible for getting items to her (t-shirt, event wristband, etc.)

If you make changes to your group, please notify so that we can update our roster and make sure we have Hold Harmless forms submitted for the correct attendees.  We also need this information in the event of an emergency.   

I'm an adult chaperone, do I have to fill out the Hold Harmless form also?

YES – all mall lock-in participants must complete the hold harmless form.  Refer to question 1 for more information.

>>SouthPark Mall Lock In Hold Harmless Form

Can we arrive late or leave early?

We understand that life sometimes doesn’t go according to plan, so we do allow late/early departures in limited circumstances only.  If you have an emergency, contact GSNEO staff ASAP to coordinate check-out.  A volunteer will be stationed at check-out with access to our staff team.  Remember, this is a lock-in event and participants should plan to stay for the entire event.   

Where do we park and enter the mall?

Park in the southeast entrance near light poles #52 and #53.  Entrance for the event is at the Southeast Main Entrance next to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

We want all cars to be in the same area for added security when entering and exiting.  Do not park in other areas around the mall.  You will not have access to enter or exit from other locations

What can we bring to the mall event?

Bring as little as possible so you don’t have to carry too much!  It’s helpful to have sleeping bags or camp chairs to hang out at your campsite for the night.

When can we set up our campsite?

You can begin setting up campsite spaces after the mall closes at 9PM.  Please do not set up prior to this time.  Also, do not use mall lounge seating areas as campsites.  All event participants should have an equal opportunity to sit in lounge areas throughout the night. 

Can we send family or friends to set up our campsite before 9pm?

Please do not send family/friends to the mall early to secure a campsite for you.  In past years, some have staked a claim to comfy lounge areas as a campsite by sending others to hang out in these areas until the time of the event arrival.  This will no longer be allowed.  All comfy lounge areas must be available for all to use throughout the night.  Please respect these spaces and realize that many would like to sit here for a bit and relax or visit with others during the event. 

What do we get for the program fee?

Each girl/adult participant will receive a t-shirt, fun patch, performances, movie, and activities.  The event fee also covers staffing and safety/emergency personnel.  Food and snacks are not included. Several restaurants in the Food Court will stay open late during the event.  You are welcome to bring your own snacks/beverages.

Can I pick up my t-shirt and event goodies early?

Yes, absolutely – in fact, we encourage it!  This will help to limit long lines on the night of the event!

We’ve added more weekend options to the schedule this year to help accommodate more of your schedules.  Here’s a list of days/times – the exact location will be communicated nearer the event, once the mall can confirm a space that will be available.

  • Friday, Feb 9            6-9PM
  • Saturday, Feb 10      11AM-2PM and 6-9PM
  • Sunday, Feb 11        11AM-2PM
  • Monday, Feb 12        11AM-2PM and 6-9PM
  • Tuesday, Feb 13       11AM-2PM and 6-9PM
  • Thursday, Feb 15      6-9PM
Where do we go for early pick up?

All pick-up is at SouthPark Mall – though the exact location will not be available until nearer the event, once the mall has a confirmed space available. 

If I pick up my supplies early, do I have to check in on the night of the event?

Yes, all participants will enter through our check in lanes – but you have the benefit of already having your wristbands, so your group can enter through one of our FASTPASS lanes.  Check-in is at the Southeast Main Entrance (near Dick’s Sporting Goods). 

If I haven't picked up my supplies yet, what should I do the night of the event?

To check-in, gather your group and enter the mall at the Southeast Main Entrance (near Dick’s Sporting Goods).  With your group together, choose one of the PICK UP WRISTBAND lanes to check in and receive your event wristbands.  You will then be directed to the t-shirt/goodies pickup location.  Wristbands must be on before entry to the event.    

When and where should we drop off our banners for the Banner Contest?

Drop off banners to the mall management office by Monday, February 12th.   Specific rules apply—be sure to review all requirements for the competition in the Mall Lock-In Information Packet.

What movie will be showing this year?

SpyKids 4: All the Time in the World—it fits well with our Super Girls in a Super World theme, don’t you think?

What stores will be open? How late will stores be open?

We will post a list of open stores as we get closer to the event. Be sure to check out the SouthPark Mall Facebook page along with for updates.

Is there quiet time or scheduled sleep time?

While we recognize sleep is important, the Mall Lock-In isn’t the event for calm, quiet, restful sleep.  With that said, be prepared for a 6+ hour party!

Can we ride the train and stuffed animals or use the playground?

The train and mobile animals will not be available on the night of our event due to space limitations and safety concerns.  The playground will be open to use, but will close at 2AM.

Girl Scouts love SWAPS -- will there be a SWAPS station?

We’ll have a designated location for you to trade SWAPS – but you can also trade as you meet new friends throughout the mall event!  Plan ahead and make SWAPS to bring to the event!  We bet there will be some very cool super girls SWAPS!

Look for the location on the full activity schedule for the night.

When and where will the opening ceremony be?

Opening events will begin at center court at 10PM.  This will give time for mall patrons to exit when the mall closes at 9PM – without being curious about our event, trying to hang out to enjoy the festivities, and being asked to leave by security. 

What time is the closing ceremony?

Closing ceremony will be held at 5AM – Come to center court for a final farewell and prize drawings (must be present to win).

Can adults go outside or go to their car during the event?

We know that some adults need to step outside for a quick break (i.e. smoking).  Some may choose to stand outside, and others may choose to sit in their car, depending on the weather.  We will have volunteers (with security) at the Southeast Main Entrance to allow for these short breaks.  Please sign out and sign back in with the volunteer when you exit and re-enter.  You may take your child with you, as no children should be left unattended at the event.  

What time are we allowed to leave the event?

After the closing ceremony, pack up your gear and be ready to head for home.  We have a large crowd for this event – so plan to stagger your departures to avoid a huge bottleneck at the exit.  Groups can begin departure at 5:30 AM

Can we pull cars up to the overhang by the entrance to gather gear and participants?

NO -- Please do not send adults to bring the group vehicles to the entrance and pick girls up.  Girls and adults should plan to walk to the car in the parking lot.  This will avoid congestion and any safety concerns at the entrance.  Please keep your cars parked in the lot and walk your gear out.

Is there a lost and found for the night of the event?

YES, absolutely!  Lost and Found will be located at the same location as the t-shirt pick-up.  If you find something, please take it to this location.  If you’re looking for something, check here throughout the night.

Who do we contact for questions about the Mall Lock In event?

Contact Girl Scouts of North East Ohio at 800-825-4474 or email

Where can I find up-to-date information about the Mall Lock-In?

SouthPark Mall has a Facebook event page where they post regular updates and take participant polls to help plan the night.  It’s a great place to ask questions of others who are attending!

You can also find any forms needed and updates on the Mall Lock-In event page at 

What security is in place for this event?

We take pride in making sure all of our Girl Scout events are safe and secure.  SouthPark Mall Security personnel (both uniformed and in plain clothes), officers from the Strongsville Police Department, SouthPark Mall staff, and Girl Scouts of North East Ohio staff will be monitoring the event.

If you notice something of concern during the event, please let us know so that we can address the situation.

If you have an emergency the night of the event, contact Mall Security Mobile 440-799-1580


Event Night Information

>>Activities Schedule - Coming Soon!

>>List of Participating Stores - Coming Soon!

>>Bungee Jump Participation Form - Coming Soon!