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Volunteer Resources

 Background Check FAQs

         The criminal background check is one of the strategies
         used to ensure that girls are safe. Learn more about
         background checks here.


Girl Scout University

Girl Scout University provides leadership and professional
          enrichment to empower volunteers and staff in the Girl Scout
          Movement. GS University provides users with access to essential
          learning tools, resources, and courses. Learn more about GS
          University here.



Glossary of Girl Scout Terms 

If you need help with Girl Scout Lingo, the glossary will help you out! Go to Glossary of Girl Scout Terms!  




GSNEO Pixie List

The Pixie List are free classifieds exclusively for Girl Scout
          volunteers. Posts can be made if you are looking for or
          offering to share supplies or skills, inviting others to events,
          looking for more or to get rid of cookies, service opportunities,
          and more. Posts can be categorized as applicable to the
          entire council or certain regions.  Learn more and
          visit the Pixie List.




Pixie Plus is your community resource for events and activities
          Girl Scout volunteers. Posts are created by community
          vendors that have been checked out by GSNEO. 
          Posts are by program age level and county.

          If you have checked out one of these activities be
          sure to rate your experience on Pixie Plus and leave
          a comment for other troops! 
          Do you know of a great place in your community? 
          Send an email to with the
          information and we'll do the rest!
          Visit Pixie Plus!



GSNEO Volunteer Policies

Volunteer policies are essential for the protection of all Girl Scout
          members.  Adherence to policies, procedures, and standards
          ensures a consistent and safe quality volunteer experience,
          and outcomes-based program delivery for girls.



Opportunity Catalog FAQs

The Opportunity Catalog is an online listing of troop openings for
          girls and volunteer opportunities for adults.  When new
          members join, the catalog is updated in real time. 
          If you stop or get stuck anywhere along the way, the system
          automatically sends you an email with helpful information. 
          Of course, you may contact the GSNEO Customer Care Team at
 or by calling 800-852-4474.

          Want to learn more about the Opportunity Catalog? 
          Check out the Opportunity Catalog FAQs!



Safety Activity Checkpoints

Safety Activity Checkpoints go hand in hand with Volunteer
          Essentials. The checkpoints help you ensure the safety
          of your girls as you do activities throughout your Girl Scout
          adventure. The checkpoints are formatted as check lists,
          so that you, your co-volunteers, and the girls can go
          through and check off that each step has been followed.
          Examples of checkpoints include kayaking, playgrounds,
          and theme parks.



Troop/Group Financial Reporting

All troops, service units, and day camps are required to submit an annual financial report.




Venture Out

Venture Out is an online adventure that lets volunteers explore
         different ways of taking girls outside in Girl Scouts.



Volunteer Essentials 

Volunteer Essentials is a reference guide to use as needed. It
          includes information about starting a troop, important safety
          reminders (Chapter 4; Safety-Wise), and managing troop
          finances. It also includes a Quick-Start Guide that provides an
          overview of everything you need to know to plan your first
          meeting with girls.