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Strategic Learning

What is Strategic Learning?

The world has changed since 1912 and the founding of Girl Scouting. Our commitment to girls and our focus on providing a positive and quality leadership experience is unwavering. We must provide an experience that girls need … in a way they want. We must focus our limited resources of today on what matters most in order to deliver our promise to girls for the next 100 years.

Girl Scouts of North East Ohio has embarked on a learning-based process for creating and implementing breakthrough strategies called Strategic Learning.  Led by Board Member Cathy Lippert, this is an inclusive process, which means volunteers, staff and community members are encouraged to participate. 

We are so proud of the 30 volunteers and staff members who have made a commitment to making this important plan a reality.  Many more of you will contribute through surveys and focus groups.  Together, we have the answers and the ability to create the strategy that will serve today’s girls and produce tomorrow’s leaders.

Honoring the history of Girl Scouts of North East Ohio and the importance of the democratic process and responsibility of customers and stakeholders to engage and influence the process, communication will be transparent, mutually respectful, and ongoing.

We believe this the right process at just the right time in our Council’s history.  It will enable us to strengthen our programs and focus our resources on the most relevant services for our members.


Winning Proposition

Girl Scouts connects girls to a world of possibilities in a positive and inclusive, girl led environment.  Girls are inspired to discover their passions and empowered to reach their potential through a proven leadership development program.


Our Key Priorities


  1. Increase and diversify sources of funding to enhance financial stability
  2. Increase resources and partnerships

Talent Management

  1. Recognize and fully utilize the talents, skills and abilities of our adult membership, both volunteers and alumnae, as well as staff
  2. Provide enrichment opportunities that are innovative and flexible to fully realize our mission

Increase girl recruitment and retention

  1. Focus on target populations (K-5 and low market share)
  2. Special recruitment focus on grades K-3
  3. Special retention focus on grades 4-5
  4. Retain girl members for at least 3 years


  1. Communicate a strong case for Girl Scouting, highlighting the outcomes of the program.


  1. Offer programs and foster partnerships that create a meaningful and consistent program experience.

Operational imperatives

  1. Leverage technology, such as social media, and other innovative strategies to bring scouting to girls
  2. Provide excellent customer service at all levels of the organization
  3. Build a strong council community (unify the council)
  4. Build on our history - respect and acknowledge our past