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Grow Your Troop

Grow your troop to qualify for some fantastic troop experiences!

Girl Scouts is all about making new friends and having fun!  For every girl or volunteer you add to your troop between November 1 and December 15, you’ll have a chance to win a troop experience.  The more you add, the better your odds of winning an exclusive troop experience that comes to you, or a VIP experience at a larger event for the whole troop!

Make sure you have the correct number of openings displayed on the Opportunity Catalog so you can grow your troop! Complete the Troop Changes Form to update your openings. 

Who qualifies as a new member?

Girls who purchase a 2019 membership between 11/1 and 12/15.

Adults who purchase a 2019 membership and select a troop volunteer role between 11/1 and 12/15.

Add a Troop Product Sale Manager - CP (Cookie Program)

1. Focus on the impact. When talking to parents about volunteering, help them understand that the cookie program funds the troop activities that girls participate in all year long. Share some of the plans your girls have for their cookie earnings to show potential volunteers how their contribution means a better experience for their girls.

2. Ask parents personally for their help. In the age of social media and email, avoid the mistake of asking for volunteers by a broadcast email. That almost never works! Instead address parents in a small group or in a one-on-one conversation.

3. Once someone says yes, follow up and set them up for success. Contact the volunteer as soon as possible to give them all the information they need to register for the role and receive training. Be sure to let them know if they’ll need to become a member and complete a background check first. 

4. Recognize the volunteer right away. This makes the newcomer feel great about volunteering (and makes it a bit tougher to back out)! It also lets the girls know they have a team supporting their Girl Scout experience throughout the year.

Troop Experiences Up For Grabs!

New experiences are revealed each week, so be sure to check back.

  • Troop Photo Shoot
  • Resume Writing
  • Salt Art Party
  • Tie-Dye Party
  • Learn to fish with the CEO
  • Balloon Twisting
  • Serenity Session
  • Open Swim Timberlane
  • Open Swim Sugarbush
  • Open Swim Ledgewood
  • Troop CFO Patch
  • Philanthropy Badge
  • Knitting
  • Baton Twirling
  • /content/dam/gsneo/images/Fill the Troops/DIY Bulletin Boards.jpg


Grow Your Troop Resources

How to grow your troop

Growing your troop is easy!

Have your girls pass out invitations or fill the troop flyers, invite friends to a troop meeting, or host a ‘bring a friend’ troop or service unit event. You can also hang fill the troop flyers at libraries, schools, grocery stores, and anywhere else you can think of!

Customizable Invitations

Girls can color and customize these paper invites and pass them out at school, sports meetings, club meetings, church, or elsewhere in the community. 

Print the customizable invitation here.

Fill the Troop Flyers

These flyers give potential members specific instructions to join your troop. Choose the version that meets your needs best.  Dowload first and then customize with your information and print!

Social Media

Share on your social media pages that you are looking to add girls or volunteers to your troop. You can also ask the other volunteers and parents of girls in your troop to share on their pages as well. 

(Cover photos and images for Facebook coming soon.)

Host a ‘Bring a Friend’ Troop Meeting

Girls may want to invite their friends to a troop meeting to see what Girl Scouts is all about. The troop can plan a special ‘Bring a Friend’ meeting, or designate certain meetings throughout the year where they can bring friends. Be sure to consult Safety-Wise for the required girl/adult ratios for meetings and purchase non-member insurance.

Print the Fill the Troop Event flyer here.

Grow Your Troop FAQ

Q: What is Grow Your Troop?

A: The Grow Your Troop promotion runs from Nov. 1 – Dec. 15. Troops that add one or more girls or volunteers to their troop during this time will be entered to win an exclusive troop experience. Troops will receive one entry for every girl or volunteer they add.

Q: Who is eligible?

A: Any K-12 troop that has their girl and/or volunteer vacancies displayed on the Opportunity Catalog. 

Q: Who counts as a new girl or volunteer ?

A: Any girl who purchases a 2019 membership between November 1 and December 15, 2018. Any adult who purchases a 2019 membership between November 1 and December 15, 2018, AND chooses a volunteer role.

Q: What do I need to do to participate?

A: Just add one or more girls or volunteers to your troop. Troops that add girls or volunteers through the Opportunity Catalog will be automatically entered into the drawing.

Q: How do I display my troop on the Opportunity Catalog?

A: You can do it yourself via MYGS or by completing the Troop Changes form. To do it via MYGS, visit and click MYGS. Select Member Profile, and log in. Select the Troop tab for the troop you wish to display. Look at the desired number of girls listed, and compare it to the actual number of girls in your troop. The desired number of girls should be the number of girls you currently have, plus the number of spaces you want to open. For example, if you have 8 girls, and want to have 4 spaces displayed, change your desired number of girls to 12. If you have any questions, call Customer Care at 800-852-4474. 

Q: What can I do to promote openings in my troop?

A: Fill the troop flyers are available at to hand out at school, church, the library, and anywhere else you can think of. Printable invitations are also available on that your girls can fill out and decorate to invite their friends to join. You can share your troop openings on Facebook, and ask others to share that you're looking for new members, too. GSNEO will also be producing mass marketing, including Facebook page advertisements and digital ads throughout northeast Ohio.

Q: What if my service unit has multiple troops with openings? What is the easiest way to help them all?

A: Work with your Service Unit Recruiter to hold a Grow Your Troop event! At Grow Your Troop Events, the Recruiter will speak to parents about joining and direct them to openings in current troops. She will also have a representative from each troop there to answer questions about their troop's activities.  The Service Unit Recruiter can also order mini flyers that look like party invitations - free of charge.

Q: What are the exclusive troop experiences?

A: New troop experiences are revealed each week on Check back each week to see what new experiences are added!

Q: How will winning troops be chosen?

A: Troops will be randomly selected to win live on Facebook during the week of January 14, 2019 (exact date TBD.)

Q: How do we get to pick our troop experience?

A: Winning troops will be emailed after the Facebook live drawing and asked to rank their choices from among the experiences available in their age category.

Q: If my troop wins an experience, how long do we have to redeem it?

A: All experiences must be redeemed by 9/30/19.

Q: How will I know if my troop received an entry to win a troop experience?

A: All troops that added a girl or volunteer between November 1 and December 15, 2018 will receive an email on Friday, January 4, 2019 to confirm their entry.

Q: How can we verify that a new girl or volunteer was added to our troop during the campaign period?

A: Visit and click MYGS. Select Member Profile, and log in. Select the Troop tab for the troop you want to verify, and look at the member roster to confirm that the new girl or volunteer is on it.  

Q: What if we added a girl or volunteer, but didn’t receive an email confirmation on January 4, 2019?

A: Please check your junk or spam inbox to be sure the email didn't end up there. If it is not there, then contact Customer Care at 800-852-4474 by Tuesday, January 8, 2019. 

Q: Does every troop that adds a girl or volunteer win something?

A: Not every troop will get an exclusive troop experience, but every troop wins when we make new friends and more girls get to discover their inner G.I.R.L.!

Q: What happens if we are unable to add a new member by December 15?

A: Only troops that add girls or volunteers by December 15 will qualify to win troop experiences, but you can continue to recruit new troop members all year.

Q: How do I update my troop information to reflect that we are accepting new girls?

A: Complete the Troop Changes form, log onto MyGS, or call Customer Care. (Changes may take up to 5 business days to activate.)

Q: Can I see how my troop is currently displayed on the Opportunity Catalog?

A: You can see your troop information on the "Read-Only" version of the Opportunity Catalog. Be sure the grade levels are accurate as well as your meeting date, place, and time and desired number of girls.  If you need to make changes, submit a Troop Changes form.

Read-Only Girl Opportunity Catalog

Read-Only Volunteer Opportunity Catalog

Q: I’m having trouble finding girls in my area to join my troop. Does GSNEO have a waiting list?

A: Yes!  Even though girls on a waiting list are current members, they will be considered "new" to your troop.  Your Service Unit Team members will have information about girls who need placed in troops, or you may contact your Community Membership Executive (CME) or Customer Care.

Q: What if I want to recruit a girl or volunteer who was a member in the past, but her membership has expired?

A: She will be considered "new" to your troop as long as she did not have a 2019 membership prior to November 1. 

Q: What if my troop added a new girl or volunteer prior to November 1? 

A: Only troops that add a new girls or volunteers between November 1 and December 15 will qualify to win a troop experience. If you are looking for ways to grow your troop, here are some suggestions: Invite a friend to join your troop, renew a lapsed girl or volunteer, ask a caregiver who is not currently registered as a volunteer to select a role (Troop Product Sale Manager – CP, Troop Admin or Troop Program Guide, Troop Treasurer, Troop Chaperone, Troop Field Trip Driver, or Troop Helping Hands).  Remember, troops are welcome to add new members any time throughout the Girl Scout membership year!

Q: I have an additional question that is not answered here. Who should I contact?

A: Please send an email with the subject line "Grow Your Troop" to