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Preparing for Kindergarten is an exciting time, and we are so happy that you are considering Girl Scouts while you help your daughter prepare for this next step in her life. Troops begin forming for Kindergarteners in July. In the mean time, please read below for more information on how we can be a trusted partner not only as she grows and navigates the fun and challenges of Kindergarten, but for the rest of her school career!

If she'll be in Kindergarten fall of 2018, join our email list!

We'll be in touch between now and when troops start forming this summer with helpful advice to get her ready for Kindergarten, fun information to get her excited about Girl Scouts, and more.

If your girl is already a Kindergartener or older, click here to find a troop.

Girl Scout Daisies are Kindergarten and 1st grade girls who explore their communities, try new games and activities, earn petals as they learn what it means to be a Girl Scout, partake in community service, sell our famous Girl Scout Cookies, and have fun in the outdoors.

She'll have her first meeting, earn her first patch, go on her first troop trip, have her first taste of financial literacy, and make new best friends. With every new experience your girl has with her troop, she’ll learn about herself and the world around her – all with friends by her side.

Advice as she prepares for her big day

PBS shares advice on understanding friendships among preschool girls and the subtle differences between girls' and boys' brains

The Washington Post shares fun and easy ways you can help her with motor skills, reading, science, math, empathy, following directions, and citizenship.

Scholastic talked to 5 teachers who shared the best ways to help children transition smoothly into the kindergarten classroom.

Girl Scouts is more fun with friends!

Invite your friends to join you in your new Daisy troop. Fill out the form below, and we’ll send an email to your friends letting them know you want them to join the fun.