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Current Reservations Calendar

After many requests and negotiations with our developer, we are pleased to introduce the Current Reservations Calendar. This calendar allows you to look out at least 12 months and view what sites have already been booked - what sites are NOT available.  This view helps troops and service units identify weekends and sites that are already filled and unavailable for dates they are considering.

Users can filter by site type (category), such as cabin or platform tent. The calendar is real time, just refresh the browser to check availability. Users select the GSNEO Property they want to view then select "All Reservations and Blackouts" to get a complete visual of what is unavailable.

Please remember that service units are able to reserve sites up to 6 months in advance. Troops can book sites up to 3 months in advance and GSNEO reserves program sites up to a year in advance.

Note: If you are viewing Meeting Room availability at each Service Center, Meeting Rooms are not available during GSNEO office hours. However, evenings (5 - 8pm) and most weekends, meeting rooms are available for troop and service unit use.

Ready to check it out? Select a link below. Intructions for each area of the calendar/list are shown with the image below.

>>Current Reservations Calendar

>>Current Reservations List

calendar url for unavailable sites

How to Use the Current Reservations Calendar

  1. Switch the "Girl Scouts of North East Ohio" dropdown to the camp you want to view. (i.e. Camp Ledgewood, Camp Sugarbush, Camp Timberlane, Intergrove)
  2. Change "All Reservations" dropdown selection to "All Reservations and Blackouts"
  3. Select "All Categories" to filter for a specific type of site at the camp. (i.e. Cabin, Adirondack, Day Use, Platform Tent, etc.)
  4. Color boxes indicate sites and the site name that is currently reserved for that date.
  5. "More..." indicates there are additional sites reserved that only show by clicking on the "More..."  Click on "More..." to display all current reservations for that date.
  6. Black boxes indicate blackout dates. If a black bar is shown on a date, it indicates the camp/site/or equipment named is unavailable for that date and the reason why. Entire camp/sites/equipment may have a "blackout" status for scheduled council programs and events, seasonal use, holidays, and/or maintenance.
  7. Clicking on "List" will switch you to the List view. Additionally, when in the List View, you can click on "Calendar" to switch to the Calendar view.
  8. Use the directional arrows to navigate through the months or days on the calendar. Clicking on ">" will move you forward, and clicking on "<" will move you backwards.
Note: We are NOT able to reverse the view of this calendar to provide views of what IS available. GSNEO has forwarded this volunteer request to the developer for consideration of future developments.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact Customer Care either through the Live Chat feature on this website, calling 800-852-4474, or emailing