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Blazin' Ahead!

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Updated August 2018

Welcome to Blazin' Ahead! A page devoted entirely to GSNEO camp and property updates. Check back often to see what GSNEO is doing to make your camping experience the memory of a lifetime.


Postcards from Camp

Camping is an integral part of the Girl Scout experience and I want our camps to be the best place for every girl to have that experience! Girls practice independence when they spend a night away from home. They will build courage when tackling something new, like boating or zip lining. They will build confidence when they succeed in a new environment supported by friends and adult role models. They will build character in an environment that insists on teamwork for success. Whether you come out to camp for a day, or stay a week, you will leave with lasting memories.  

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I am constantly looking at new ways to make improvements efficiently, making best use of our limited funds. We all want new facilities , but we also have to spend money taking care of what we have, so on this page you will see a mix of new construction and maintenance. I always want to hear from you, please let me know what you love and what you would like to see improved, it really helps us make the camps better for you. Send your ideas to

Yours in Girl Scouts,

Jane Christyson
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of North East Ohio

Camp Ledgewood

We have some new residents at Camp Ledgewood! GSNEO and Spicy Lamb Farm have entered into a partnership that will bring farm education opportunities to our members. Girl Scouts will have the opportunity to help maintain the flock after they are trained by Spicy Lamb Farm. The farm staff will also present programs on grazing, sheep ailments, sheep handling and farm management. More information will be available soon!

The grazing sheep will also reduce mowing, pollution, use of fossil fuels, fertilizers, and herbicides in lawn maintenance. A llama will also be part of the herd and will protect the sheep from predators.

Click on the topics below to learn more details on what's happening at Camp Ledgewood!

The Big Picture

The Big Picture - New Construction

Over 2017 and 2018, there is a lot going on at Camp Ledgewood.

  • During 2017, campers enjoyed overnights in a completed Conestoga Wagon unit, named Prairie Point.
  • In 2018, Moss Ledge, a site with 8 troop cabins and one large unit house will open for camping on March 1. 
  • Ground breaking for the new Troop Houses began in early 2018.
  • Coming later in 2018, construction of the new Program Center will begin. 
  • 2014-0918  UPDATED SITE PLAN cropped thumb

    Camp Ledgewood
    The Big Picture

  • pro ctr sit plan thumb

    Detailed Site Map of
    Program Center and Surroundings

  • Sheep
  • Sheep 2
  • Llama
2018 Program Center

The Program Center means big changes for Camp Ledgewood. Situated in the heart of camp, the new Program Center will provide endless possibilities for future camp programs and troop enjoyment.

Click on the images below to see enlarged drawings of the Program Center and surrounding area.

  • pro ctr site plan cropped thumb

    Program Center
    Detailed Site Plan

  • pro ctr health ctr elevations thumb

    Program Center
    Exterior View

  • pro ctr health ctr plan thumb

    Program Center
    Floor Plan

2018 Troop Houses - Work has Begun!

Another new camping site, situated on the South side of Camp Ledgewood, is Troop House units. 

Each unit features sleeping accomodations for the entire troop, leader rooms, indoor bathrooms and showers, a common room and kitchen.

  • troop house site plan (2) thumb

    Troop House
    Site Plan

  • troop house elevation thumb

    Troop House
    Exterior View

  • troop house plan thumb

    Troop House
    Floor Plan

  • IMG_0912

    Troop House
    Footers at sunrise

  • ledgewood troop a 1

    Troop House A
    Nearly finished!

  • ledgewood troop a bathroom tile

    Troop House
    Bathroom tiling complete

  • troop house a 2

    Troop House A
    Interior of Troop House A

  • troop house b 1

    Troop House B
    Interior of Troop House B

  • troop house b 2

    Troop House B
    Interior of Troop House B

  • troop house 1a siding progress

    Troop House A
    Siding being done

  • troop house 1a underside of roof exposed

    Troop House A
    Underside of roof exposed

  • troop house 1b entry porch

    Troop House B
    Entry porch progress

2018 Water System

The first thing Camp Ledgewood needed to begin Master Plan construction is a new water system. Now underway is a water system upgrade.

The entire water system is being redesigned, not only to bring water to the new facilities that will be constructed, but to improve service to the existing areas. This means installation of pipes, water treatment plant, and fire suppression systems.

  • Ledgewood Filter

    Water Plant Update

  • Ledgewood Pump

    Water Plant Update

  • Ledgewood Pump 2

    Water Plant Update

2018 Seiberling - New Floor
  • Ledgewood Seiberling Floor 2

    Seiberling Floor

  • Ledgewood Seiberling Floor

    Seiberling Floor

Camp Sugarbush

It's summertime and Resident Camp is underway at both Camps Ledgewood and Timberlane.  Don't forget that Camp Sugarbush is still open for troop camping! 

As with any busy camp, maintenance of the buildings and property are key to a camp's longevity. Camp Sugarbush is no exception.

On the outside, ground is being broken to put in the new Archery Shelter so that girls will be able to practice archery even when it's raining. The pool house has been renovated to have new siding and a newly painted door. New LED lights have also been installed around the pool and sports court to allow for brighter, more energy efficient lighting!

Click on the topics below for more details on what's happening at Camp Sugarbush!

2018 The Lodge Floors
  • Sugarbush Lodge Floor

    Lodge Floor

  • Sugarbush Lodge Floor 3

    Lodge Floor

2018 Archery Shelter
sugarbush archery breaking ground

Archery Shelter
Ground being broken August 2018

2018 Pool House
  • sugarbush pool house 1

    Pool House
    Side of pool house
    being torn out

  • sugarbush pool house 4

    Pool House
    Finished renovations

  • sugarbush pool house 2

    Pool House
    Side of pool house
    being patched up

  • sugarbush pool house 3

    Pool House
    Side of pool house
    being painted

  • sugarbush pool house 5

    Pool House
    Finished painting
    the sides

  • sugarbush pool house 6

    Pool House
    Finished painting
    the sides

2018 LED Lighting
  • sugarbush led lighting

    LED Lighting
    LED lights added to
    the pool and sports court

Camp Timberlane

Summer Fun!  Resident Camp is underway at Camp Timberlane.  Be sure to check out our Facebook page for photos of everything that's happening at Camp Timberlane!

Starting off, a new and improved heating & cooling system has been installed in Nar (Yurt). The maintenance building has also received some new equipment: An air compressor, hot water pressure washer, and a new maintenance vehicle. A second aquatic climbing wall for the pool was donated as well.

Snowshoes are now available at Camp Timberlane, and for the first time in years, the ice skating rink froze! More gnomes have found a home at Gnome Village thanks to the History and Archive Committee. And finally, Pinecrest got a new stove and the Coach House received a new refrigerator!

Click on the topics below for more details on what's happening at Camp Timberlane!

2018 Heating and Cooling
  • Timberlane Cooling System

    Nar (Yurt)
    Cooling System

  • Timberlane Cooling and Heating System

    Nar (Yurt)
    Cooling and Heating System

2018 Winter Items
  • Timberlane Snowshoes 2


  • Timberlane Ice Skates

    Ice Skates

2018 Miscellaneous Items & Amenities
  • Timberlane Maintence Vehicle

    2018 - Maintenance Vehicle

  • Timberlane Gnomes

    2018 - Gnomes

  • aquatic climbing wall 3

    2018 - Aquatic Climbing Wall

  • Timberlane Totes

    2018 - Totes

  • Timberlane Stove

    2018 - Pinecrest Stove