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Blazin' Ahead!

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Updated April 2019

Welcome to Blazin' Ahead! A page devoted entirely to GSNEO camp and property updates. Check back often to see what GSNEO is doing to make your camping experience the memory of a lifetime.


Postcards from Camp

Camping is an integral part of the Girl Scout experience and I want our camps to be the best place for every girl to have that experience! Girls practice independence when they spend a night away from home. They will build courage when tackling something new, like boating or zip lining. They will build confidence when they succeed in a new environment supported by friends and adult role models. They will build character in an environment that insists on teamwork for success. Whether you come out to camp for a day, or stay a week, you will leave with lasting memories.  

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I am constantly looking at new ways to make improvements efficiently, making best use of our limited funds. We all want new facilities , but we also have to spend money taking care of what we have, so on this page you will see a mix of new construction and maintenance. I always want to hear from you, please let me know what you love and what you would like to see improved, it really helps us make the camps better for you. Send your ideas to

Yours in Girl Scouts,

Jane Christyson
Chief Executive Officer
Girl Scouts of North East Ohio

Camp Ledgewood

Construction is in full swing at Camp Ledgewood!  Exciting changes happening are the Program Center and infirmary that is underway.  

Click on the topics below to learn more details on what's happening at Camp Ledgewood!

The Big Picture

Check out the images below to see all the wonderful and exciting changes coming to Camp Ledgewood during the next two years.

  • 2014-0918  UPDATED SITE PLAN cropped thumb

    Camp Ledgewood
    The Big Picture

  • pro ctr sit plan thumb

    Detailed Site Map of
    Program Center and Surroundings

2019 Program Center

The Program Center means big changes for Camp Ledgewood. Situated in the heart of camp, the new Program Center will provide endless possibilities for future camp programs and troop enjoyment.

Click on the images below to see enlarged drawings of the Program Center and surrounding area.

  • pro ctr site plan cropped thumb

    Program Center
    Detailed Site Plan

  • pro ctr health ctr plan thumb

    Program Center
    Floor Plan

  • program center header

    Program Center, Drawing

2019 Updates:

  • Ledgewood Program Center Basement 2018

    Program Center, Basement, December 2018

  • Ledgewood Program Center Basement 2019

    Program Center, Basement, January 2019

  • ledgewood program center basement 04.2019

    Program Center, Basement, April 2019

  • program center basement floor 04.2019

    Program Center, Basement, April 2019

  • program center main floor 04.2019

    Program Center, Main Floor, April 2019

  • ledgewood program center 05.2019

    Program Center, May 2019

  • ledgewood pc 5.17.19

    Program Center, May 2019

2019 Infirmary

The construction of the infirmary at Camp Ledgewood is underway. The infirmary will be located next to the new Program Center, and will be a space for all injured and ill visitors at the camp. 

  • infirmary 05.30.19

    Infirmary, May 2019

  • ledgewood infirmary roof 02.2019

    Infirmary Walls and Roof, March 2019

  • Ledgewood Infirmary wall 02.2019

    Infirmary Wall, February 2019

  • infirmary wall 02.2019

    Infirmary Wall, February 2019

  • Ledgewood Infirmary Floor 2019

    Infirmary Floor, January 2019

2019 Seiberling Update

Seiberling is getting an update this year. Here are some images of the progress that is being made on the cabin. 

  • seiberling grass

    Newly Planted Grass, May 2019

  • seiberling windows

    New Windows, June 2019

Camp Sugarbush

Even through the snow and cold, changes are happening at Camp Sugarbush.  The Day Camp Pavilion is being converted to a target sports facility.  Once complete, girls will be able to enjoy target sports no matter what the weather is outside!   

Click on the topics below for more details on what's happening at Camp Sugarbush.

2019 Target Sports Facility

The Day Camp Pavillion is being upgraded this winter into a new indoor target sports facility.

  • sugarbush pavillion update 02.2019

    Target Sports Facility, New Framework

  • sugarbush pavillion 02.2019

    Target Sports Facility, Door Frame Construction


  • sugarbush indoor shooting range 02.2019

    Target Sports Facility, February 2019

  • sugarbush finished indoor range

    Completed Target Sports Facility, March 2019

  • sugarbush finished indoor range 2

    Completed Target Sports Facility, March 2019

  • sugarbush target range 04.2019

    Completed Target Sports Facility, April 2019

  • target range inside 04.2019

    Completed Target Sports Facility, April 2019

2019 New Vehicles
sugarbush new RTV 02.2019

New Kubota RTV500, 

For use throughout the campground

sugarbush new truck 02.2019

New 2019 Ford F250

Camp Timberlane

A lot is happening at Camp Timberlane!  A new covered target sports facility for girls has been finished.  Girls can now enjoy archery or rifelry programs no matter the weather! 

Maintenance is still on the agenda at Tall Timbers with pillars painted, and Edgewater Program Center received a new roof and new coat of paint on the  outside walls. Cherry Hill's weekend guests will now stay warm and cozy with a new heating system that was recently installed.

Click on the topics below for more details on what's happening at Camp Timberlane!

2019 Edgewater Program Center
  • Timberlane After Paint

    Edgewater Program Center, Outside walls were painted

  • Timberlane Roof Replancement

    Edgewater Program Center, Roof was replaced

2019 Cherry Hill Troop House Heating System
  • Timberlane Heat Pumps

    Cherry Hill, Heat pumps were installed

  • Timberlane Furnaces

    Cherry Hill, New furnace

2019 Miscellaneous Items & Amenities
  • Timberlane Shooting Shelter

    New Shooting Range Shelter

  • Timberlane Trailer

    Enclosed Trailer for Summer Programs

  • Timberlane Tall Timbers Paint

    Steel pillars under Tall Timbers were painted

  • Timberlane Signage

    New Signage

  • timberlane- led lights mossledge

    New LED light fixtures were added to Pinecrest