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Camp Sugarbush by Slidely Photo Gallery

Camp Sugarbush

Green Tent

6515 Route 88, Kinsman OH 44428

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Camp Sugarbush is located in Kinsman (Trumbull County) and encompasses nearly 200 acres of natural space. This camp features a dining hall and activity center, a swimming pool with shower house, low ropes course, archery range, astronomy building, sports activity court, and small lake for introductory canoeing.

Housing units include cabins, platform tents with roofs, adirondacks, and covered wagons. The units have a common space for group activities, campfire circle and/or fireplace, latrines, and a wash area with sinks.

Please remember that the camp is closed for National holidays.

News & Updates

Updated January 2018

As with any busy camp, maintenance of the buildings and property are key to a camp's longevity. Camp Sugarbush is no exception.

On the outside, the road from the maintenance building to the lodge will receive a new layer of stone and the low ropes course gets a new bed of mulch. A new zero turn mower is coming in the spring and watch for construction to begin on a new boathouse pavilion.

As for the inside, Woodchuck received some much needed attention.  Woodchuck received all new windows and a new screened-in porch! The Lodge floors received a good stripping, sealing and waxing. They really shine now! Up next for floor treatments are Shadynook and Woodchuck.

See the pictures below of the latest camp updates.


2017 New Roofs - Raccoon Roost & Latrine
  • raccoon roost lodge CS 400

    Raccoon Roost
    New Roof

  • raccoon roost latrine CS 400

    Raccoon Roost Latrine
    New Roof

2017 New Roofs - Rockledge
  • rockledge 300

    New Roofs

  • rockledge pavillion 300

    Rockledge Pavilion
    New Roof

  • rockledge washstand 300

    Rockledge Wash Station
    New Roof

2017 Concrete Floor - Greentrees Pavilion
greentrees 052017 thumb
greentrees2 052017 thumb
2017 New Roofs - Greentrees
  • green trees 1 300

    New Roofs

  • green trees 2 300

    New Roofs - side view

2017 Men's Sleeping Quarters - Shadynook
mens sleeping quarters CS 400p

Men's Sleeping Quarters

mens sleeping quarters closet CS 400

Men's Sleeping Quarters Closet

2017 New Trees - South Border of Camp
new trees CS 400

New Trees
South Border of Camp Sugarbush
from West to East side.

trees screening CS 400

Tree Planting
South Border of Camp Sugarbush
from West to East side.

2017 Painting - The Lodge
Painting - The Lodge kitchen

The Lodge kitchen received a new coat of paint.

The Lodge - laundry room painted and new washer and dryer

The Lodge Laundry Room received a new coat of paint and new washer and dryer.

The lodge bathroom got a new coat of paint

The Lodge bathroom received a new coat of paint.

The Lodge hallway got a new coat of paint and emergency light

The Lodge hallway got a fresh coat of paint and a new emergency light at the entrance.

2017 Greentrees Adirondack Units
  • IMG_0158

    Camp Sugarbush -
    Greentrees Adirondack Units powerwashed and resealed.

  • IMG_0159

    Camp Sugarbush -
    More Adirondack Units powerwashed and resealed.

2018 The Lodge Floors
  • Sugarbush Lodge Floor

    Lodge Floor

  • Sugarbush Lodge Floor 3

    Lodge Floor



Camp Sugarbush Map

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