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Camp Timberlane by Slidely Photo Gallery

Camp Timberlane

Green Tent

13408 Green Road, Wakeman, OH 44889

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Camp Timberlane is located in Wakeman (Erie County), within the beautiful Firelands Reserve. This 324-acre camp includes miles of hiking trails, creeks, and ravines. It features Stocker Lodge dining hall, swimming pool with shower house, splash pad, Edgewater Program Center, archery range, observatory, low ropes, amphitheater, nature center, primitive camping site, and a meandering lake that's ideal for boating.

Housing units include unique cabins, platform tents, and a yurt. The units have a common space for group activities, campfire circle and/or fire place, one latrine or indoor bathrooms.

Please remember that Camp Timberlane is closed from early June through mid-August for Resident Camp; and also for National holidays.

News & Updates

Updated January 2018

  • A new and improved heating and cooling system has been installed in Nar (yurt). 
  • The maintenance building received some new equipment, an air compressor and hot water pressure washer. There's also a new maintenance vehicle.
  • Snowshoes are now available at Camp Timberlane, and for the first time in years, the ice skating rink froze!
  • More gnomes have found a home at Gnome Village thanks to the History and Archive Committee.
  • A second aquatic climbing wall for the pool was donated, and plans to install it is in the spring.
  • Pinecrest got a new stove,
  • ...and the Coach House received a new refrigerator!
2107 Edgewater Damage
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  • DSC_2295 thumb
  • DSC_2294 thumb
  • DSC_2293 thumb
  • DSC_2292 thumb
  • DSC_2282 thumb
  • DSC_2283 thumb
  • DSC_2281 thumb
  • DSC_2287 thumb
  • DSC_2291 thumb
  • DSC_2289 thumb
  • DSC_2285 thumb
2017 Tall Timbers Damage
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  • tall t3 CT 400
  • tall t4 CT 400
  • tall t6 CT 400
  • tall t7 CT 400
  • tall t8 CT 400
  • tall t5 CT 400
  • tall t2 CT 400
  • tall t9 CT 400
2018 Nar (Yurt)
  • Timberlane Cooling System

    Nar (Yurt)
    Cooling System

  • Timberlane Cooling and Heating System

    Nar (Yurt)
    Cooling and Heating System

2018 Winter Items
  • Timberlane Snowshoes 2


  • Timberlane Ice Skates

    Ice Skates

  • Timberlane Maintence Vehicle

    2018 - Maintenance Vehicle

  • Timberlane Gnomes

    2018 - Gnomes

  • Timberlane Pool Climbing Wall

    2018 - Aquatic Climbing Wall

  • Timberlane Totes

    2018 - Totes

  • Timberlane Stove

    2018 - Pinecrest Stove



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