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Intergrove cabin

Intergrove Lodge

Green Tent

Cleveland Metroparks - North Chagrin Reservation

North Chagrin Reservation Cleveland Metroparks offers over a dozen different trails that can either be completed on their own or combined with others. If you've got an entire afternoon, check out the Castle Valley Trail, one of the park's most beautiful trails, and a moderate 2.25-mile hike with just one big hill. For an easier walk, try the .75-mile Overlook Trail, near the Forest Picnic Area, or the Hemlock, which skirts a ravine and includes views of small waterfalls. A naturalist's favorite is the Hickory Fox, a 1.6-mile loop trail that begins from the same trailhead as the Hemlock and winds along a deep ravine, then turns into the forest, passing great vine tangles of fox grapes and groves of shagbark hickory.


  • Enclosed heated shelter with fireplace
  • Seating capacity for 60
  • 21 Mats on the floor for sleeping (stored under the window seat and inside one of the closets.)
  • Electricity
  • Latrine facilities nearby
  • 2 large outdoor grills
  • Refrigerator
  • Fire Ring
  • 9 round tables and 1 serving counter
  • Water (NOTE:  Available from May-October, weather permitting) During the winter months, troops must provide all your own water.
  • Vacuum and other cleaning supplies to tidy up before leaving  

Intergrove Lodge does not have a stove or cook top.  All cooking must be done on the outdoor grills or using electric cookers/crockpots.  Troops need to bring charcoal for cooking.

The fireplace is the only source of heat in the winter.  The Park system regularly supplies split firewood to the facility; however, firewood is not guaranteed.  Groups must provide their own newspaper and start the fire themselves.  Firewood is not to be removed from the facility.   

Intergrove Lodge Reserved Picnic Area is located on Buttermilk Falls Parkway in North Chagrin Reservation, between Strawberry Lane and Sunset Lane in Willoughby Hills.

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