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Resources for Troop Cookie Managers

General Information and Resources for the Cookie Program as a Troop Cookie Manager

Participating in the largest girl-led business may seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be! Below is everything you need to get started with the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Getting Started
  • Be sure that your troop has a designated troop Cookie Program (CP) manager! This person will be the volunteer in charge of the program for the girls. They need to be a registered, background checked adult that has selected the Troop Product Sales Manager – CP in My GS. They also need to complete the Product Sales Manager Agreement form.
    • This agreement form must be completed each year before the manager is given troop sales materials and access can be granted to the eBudde sale management system and Digital Cookie troop site.
    • Call Customer Care at 800.852.4474 or email if you need assistance signing up for the volunteer role.
  • Ensure that the troop bank account is up and running through our Finance department. If you need to open a bank account or make changes to an existing one, please submit the applicable requests through the online forms which can be found at the Forms and Documents page. This is due by February 10. Troops that do not have a current bank account on file with GSNEO will not be allowed to pick up cookies during the initial delivery dates.
  • Starting the week of December 5, sales materials will start going out to troop CP managers. Sales materials should only be given to girls whose caregivers have completed and returned the Annual Permission Form to the troop. Forms that were completed during the 2022 Magazine & Snack Program are valid for the 2023 Cookie Program. Distribute and review the materials with the girls and their caregivers to discuss how your troop will plan to participate.
  • Plan to attend one of our 2023 Troop CP Manager Online Webinars on December 15 or January 5 to learn about the program and features for this year. This training is open to all managers, new and experienced alike!
  • Access for the online systems for troop CP managers begins December 13 for eBudde and December 14 for Digital Cookie. Make sure to set up your troop’s account and review your troop roster and banking info. If there are any discrepancies, please notify Customer Care right away.
Important Dates

Mid-December – If your troop signed up to participate in the program, the cookie manager will be getting sales materials to distribute before the program begins.

December 14 – Digital Cookie setup opens today for Cookie Managers. You will receive a Digital Cookie email to the email address associated with email loaded into eBudde. You must access eBudde first to be able to access Digital Cookie as Manager.

December 15 – Digital Cookie setup opens today for girls to set up their digital storefront. They will receive a Digital Cookie email to the email address associated with your Girl Scout’s registration.

January 1 – The Cookie Program begins! Go to Digital Cookie to get started with the online component of the program. Girls can also begin taking orders on the order card.

January 17 – My Sale Booth Approvals begin

January 22 – Cookie Booth Scheduler opens

February 5 – Last day for families to turn in initial order card to the cookie manager. Girl Delivery on Digital Cookie turns off today but will turn back on in March.

February 9 - Troop initial order due in eBudde; select pickup location

March 4 - 9 – Cookie delivery!

March 10 – Cookie booths begin today.

March 26 – Cookie Program ends! Both booth and online sales through Digital Cookie end at 11:59 p.m.

March 30 – Reward selections due in eBudde. Payment for any in-person sales is due to troop.

April 6 – Pathway Pass program credits will be uploaded for girls that earned them. Visit to access them.

June – Rewards will ship to your local Service Units. Your troop cookie manager will let you know when they are ready.

Troop Cookie Manager Guide
2023 Cookie Lineup

Every year, Girl Scouts across the country look forward to the Girl Scout Cookie Program®. It’s the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world!

Girls enjoy the fun activities, exciting opportunities and the chance to take charge! Customers everywhere love the cookies for their delicious taste. Familiar favorites include Thin Mints®, Samoas® and other iconic brands.

Check out the resources below for this year’s Girl Scout Cookie lineup!

Get Ready to Rally with the newest Girl Scout Cookie – Raspberry Rally!
The new thin, crispy cookies infused with raspberry flavor and dipped in a chocolaty coating are available this year exclusively through Digital Cookie for shipped orders.

Check out our resources below on how your Girl Scout can pump up the excitement for the newest Girl Scout Cookie.


Girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program will not only learn awesome skills they will use the rest of their life, but they’ll also earn rewards!

Check out the 2023 Cookie Rewards Lineup!

Theme Patch and Charm Collection 2023
New this year – check out how to earn the Go Bright Ahead Theme Patch and collectable charms!

Rewards Selection Options (Page 10 in Cookies 101 Family Guide)
With options at multiple reward levels, use this handy selection option page to turn your choices into the troop cookie manager to enter into the computer system.

T-Shirt and Long Sleeve Tee Sizing Chart
Make sure that you take a look to ensure you are ordering the correct sizes for your Girl Scout!

Pathway Pass Program Credits
Pathway Pass Program Credits are earned by girls through participation in GSNEO’s Council-sponsored Product Sales Programs at various reward levels and Scoutship.

To access Pathway Passes, visit and enter the requested credentials.

Codes for Pathway Passes are delivered electronically and an email will come to the caregiver notifying that Pathway Passes have been uploaded.

Detailed information about retrieving Pathway Pass codes and code uses is available at the GSNEO Rewards FAQs page.

Cookie Rookie - First Year Sellers

Troop Cookie Manager Training Materials & Resources
Cookie Booths

Cookie Booths, both Council-sponsored and My Sales, run March 10 through the end of the sale on March 26. Below are guidelines and resources to help boost your booth sales!

Instructions on how to sign up for a Council-sponsored or My Sale Cookie booths are located on pages 20-23 of the Troop Cookie Manager Guide.

  • Booth Guidelines & General Info
  • Council-Sponsored Booth List - These locations are being contacted by Council and will be uploaded. Please do not contact them.
  • My Sale Booth Suggestions - Interested in contacting a local location that is not on the Council-sponsored list? Here are some suggestions to help you brainstorm location ideas with your troop and caregivers.
  • How To Socially Distance with Drive-Thru Booths - For troops that want to minimize contact, check out this safe-selling strategy involving a drive-thru booth setup!
  • Booth Dos and Don'ts - Learn about booth etiquette and what is acceptable for your booths
  • Booth Checklist - Not sure what to bring? Check out this list to see what you should be packing for your next booth!
  • Marketing Resources - See what kinds of resources are available to maximize the marketing of your booth.
  • Booth Sale Recorder - Need a way to keep track of booth sales? Use the Booth Sale Recorder App or the Booth Tab > Record Sales function in eBudde for easy logging of all booth sales!
  • Booth Tally Sheet - Use this paper option at your booth to keep track of sales by variety and type.
Cookie Delivery

Instructions for how to select a delivery location after placing your initial order is located on page 27 of the Troop Cookie Manager Guide.

Delivery General Information

2023 Delivery Locations

Please verify your Delivery Confirmation for Time and Location on the Delivery Tab in eBudde.
Maps of each location with the flow of cookie delivery traffic are available in the eBudde Help Center.

Vehicle Reference Guide - Not sure if your vehicle can fit your order? Check out this guide from Little Brownie Bakers for approximate caseloads per vehicle size.

Cookie Exchange & Transfers

Need more cookies but don’t want a full case? Have cookies left over from your booth sales?

To notify troops within your Service Unit of your requirement/excess packages use eBudde's Cookie Exchange!

Cookie Exchange & Troop to Troop Transfers

Instructions on how to use the Cookie Exchange can be found on page 30 of the Troop Cookie Manager Guide.

SU Zip Code List - If using the Cookie Exchange across our entire Council, please use the zip code reference sheet to help narrow your search

Digital Cookie

Digital Cookie (DOC) is the online sales platform that girls can use to reach out virtually to customers to make purchases. Check out our resources below to learn about this great virtual portion of the sale!
Digital Cookie makes connecting with customers from the comfort of home even easier this year with updated features and technology to support your girls and troop, no matter how they choose to participate in the Cookie Program.

Digital Cookie General Info - Learn about what Digital Cookie is and how you as a manager will gain access.
Digital Cookie FAQs - Here are some general questions and answers about Digital Cookie from GSNEO.

Check out these helpful tips sheets to assist in navigating Digital Cookie as a Cookie Manager:

Family Meeting Information

Use the resources below to conduct a family meeting with your troop to discuss your 2023 cookie plans!

2023 Cookies 101 Family Guide
Family Meeting Outline - Need to have a cookie meeting and don't know where to start? Use this handy outline as reference for talking points about the Cookie Program with your troop and their caregivers!
Cookie Family Connection Guide

Permission Forms
GSNEO Annual Permission Form
GSNEO Product Sales Financial Responsibility Form

IX Center Booth Opportunities

>>IX Center Booth Opportunities Flyer 2023

The Girl Scouts of North East Ohio will have a booth at The Cleveland IX Center for the Great Big Home & Garden Show February 3 - February 12, 2023.
Home & Garden Show Troop Schedule

GSNEO will also have a booth at the Cleveland IX Center for the Cleveland Home & Remodeling Expo March 24 - March 26, 2023.
Home & Remodeling Expo Troop Schedule

A troop must complete the form to be entered into the drawing for time slots at the IX Center booth opportunities. There are separate forms for each event; you can select as many time slots that your troop is available for, for either show, but all submissions must be received by the deadline. Please review the Opportunities flyer for more information.
Please note: the weekday shifts require the girls to be out of school. Only sign up for those shifts if your Girl Scouts can take advantage of this great education opportunity. Girls must be present at the booth for the troop to have the shift.

Paya Credit Card Program

GSNEO offers the Paya Credit Card program so that troops can accept credit card payments from customers.

Paya Troop Sign Up Form

Determine that the troop wants to participate in the credit card program and complete the online Credit Card Participation Form by February 9, 2023. This form must be completed every year.

Credit Card Transaction Steps

Credit Card App Settings

How to Add Additional Users

To add an additional user, you will need your Merchant Key number. If you are a new account, it will be in your Welcome letter. If you are an existing account, please email to request it. Please plan ahead and allow time for a response.


Got your cookie delivery and realize you need more cookies for booths and additional sales? Have no fear, GSNEO has cookie reorders from March 12 until the end of the sale!

Instructions for how to place a reorder on pages 28-29 of the Troop Cookie Manager Guide.
Maps of each reorder location with the approximate location of the delivery vehicle are located in the eBudde Help Center.


Safety is our #1 priority in the Cookie Program. Please review this Safety Information with your Girl Scouts and caregivers:

Safety Tips

Social Media and Digital Cookie Policy

Training Resources & Videos

Below are resources for Cookie Managers and Troop Leaders to help run a successful program:

2023 GSNEO Troop Cookie Manager Training (Passcode: PU3+qRGF)
How to - Enter an Initial Order Video
Frequently Asked Questions
5 Steps to Success

Troop Resources
888-9ThinMint Customer Hotline Program

Customers looking for cookies call 888-9ThinMint and we pass their contact information to a troop in their area who has opted-in to participate.

The troop can then reach out to the customer to take their cookie order for either an in-person sale or through a Digital Cookie link depending on customer request preference.

Please use the link in the form below to sign up your troop to receive customer contact information:

888-9ThinMint Customer Hotline

If you are a customer looking for Girl Scout Cookies, please visit for more information.