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2B or Not 2B

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Sat Dec 01, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Reed Memorial Library Map
Mon Oct 01, 6:00 AM - Thu Nov 15, 11:55 PM
Girl Program
Brownie, Junior, Adult
Girl Fee:
Adult Fee:

Did you ever get the urge to write and wanted your words to take flight? So you joined other girls and together unfurl creativity that reaches new heights! Whether you like to write plays or poetry, novels or newspaper articles, you will feel right at home. There will be activities that stretch the imagination and instill inspiration! You do not need to come with anything prewritten, however if you have something penned that you would like to share feel free to bring it along. There will be opportunities to work alone as well as in groups through guided and open activities.


Late fee applies to all orders that can be accommodated after the registration close date.