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Entrepreneurship for Seniors: Business Startup Badge

Sun Apr 11, 12:00 AM - Sat Apr 24, 11:00 PM
Mon Mar 01, 6:00 AM - Thu Apr 08, 11:55 PM
Virtual Programs
Girl Fee:

Do you have an idea for a product, service, or technology that you can turn into a business? Even if you don’t, you can learn the skills to find and develop an idea. All you need is curiosity and a desire to think like an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs start with a process that explores the possibilities for their idea. They often fail before they succeed and use failure as an important tool to learn and improve. Find out more about the entrepreneurial mindset and what it takes to start your own business in this virtual program from VicTreeFi. You’ll come up with an idea you can turn into a business, design a prototype and get feedback, revise your prototype, create your business plan, and make your pitch while you earn the Business Startup badge.

Girls can work at their own pace in these self-led virtual modules, but they must complete the program between the date range of April 11 - 24. Program fee includes Business Startup badge which will be mailed to participants upon completion of the course. (Due to the nature of ordering and shipping badges, it could take several weeks for badges to arrive at your home.)

Note: VicTreeFi’s system requires each girl to have her own unique email address to participate in their courses. Troops or families registering multiple girls for this program MUST provide a unique email address for each individual girl, please no email sharing.