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Roaming the Red Planet: The Best Astronaut

Sat Feb 25, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Thu Dec 15, 6:00 AM - Thu Feb 09, 11:55 PM
Girl Program
Daisy, Brownie
Girl Fee:

Location Name:   Camp Timberlane

Address:  13408 Green Rd, Wakeman, OH 44889                    

What does it take to be the best astronaut in space? How do we need to train? What do we need to eat? What do we need to wear to protect ourselves from the elements of space? Take a deep dive into what it is like to train like an astronaut. We will discover what astronauts eat to be healthy and strong before designing protective gear to shield us from the harsh conditions of space.  Program participants will earn the Roaming the Red Planet patch. Badge connections: My Best Self (badges must be purchased separately)