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Mid-Year Family Connection Conversation

At Girl Scouts, we believe in making things girl-led! That’s why we encourage our troops to allow girls to make key decisions about their Girl Scout experience. We provide a platform where girls learn to work together, share ideas, set goals and budget for upcoming activities.

Between January and March, we recommend all troops participate in the Mid-Year Family Connection Conversation and discuss topics that are essential to providing a positive troop experience through girl-focused goal setting.

1. Troop Finances – Review the 2019-2020 Financial Report with families to ensure transparency
2. Girl Scout Cookie Program – Distribute sales materials and financial responsibility forms, review Digital Cookie instructions, share the cookie sale timeline, including pre-orders and cookie delivery. Also, make time for goal setting and decide which financial literacy patches the girls want to earn!
3. View New Resources – Review the Troop Leader Blueprint and new Volunteer Toolkit (VTK) enhancements

Additional resources for facilitating the conversation are housed in gsLearn

How to access these resources:

  1. Sign in to your myGS account.
  2. Click on "My Account" at the top of the page.
  3. On the left hand side, click on gsLearn.
  4. In gsLearn, search for the course called "234 31 : Mid-Year Family Connection Conversation."
  5. Click on the tile called "234 31 : Mid-Year Family Connection Conversation." This course holds a detailed outline of the Mid-Year Family Connection Conversation, including a customizable presentation to use when meeting with your families. Please note, the customizable presentation can be found by clicking "Additional References" at the top of the course.

After Your Mid-Year Family Connection Conversation

After your Mid-Year Family Connection Conversation, please complete this form to tell us how it went.

Following the conversation, leaders of first or second year troops or of troops that are bridging at the end of the year should schedule a Troop Consult Meeting with the Service Unit Troop Mentor, Service Unit Director, or CME (Community Membership Executive, a Girl Scout employee). During the troop consult, the leader will share information about how this year is going and receive assistance in preparing for the 2022 Girl Scout year. The service team/employee will be able to provide the troop with resources and support based on the troop’s goals.

Service Unit Team Volunteers

Please complete this form to tell us how your troop consult went.

For any additional questions and concerns, please contact our Customer Care team at 800-852-4474,, or use our Live Chat feature during business hours.