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Invite "S'more" Friends to Join Your Troop!

The S'more the Merrier!

Did you know the classic campfire snack, the S'more, was basically invented by Girl Scouts?! In 1927, the first s’mores recipe was printed in a publication titled  Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts. Legend says the name “s’mores” came about because everyone who tasted the gooey campfire concoction asked for “some more"!

Girl Scouts is the perfect place to make new friends! Invite new girls and volunteers to join in the fun!

Make sure you have the correct number of openings displayed on the Opportunity Catalog so you can add s'more friends ! Complete the  Troop Changes Form to update your openings. 

Troop Resources

How to invite "s'more" friends to your troop

Adding "s'more" friends to your troop is easy!

Have your girls pass out fill the troop flyers (downloadable below) or host a ‘bring a friend’ troop or service unit event. You can also hang fill the troop flyers at libraries, schools, grocery stores, and anywhere else you can think of!

Fill the Troop Flyers

These flyers give potential members specific instructions to join your troop. Simply download, customize with your information, and print!

Social Media

Share on your social media pages that you are looking to add girls or volunteers to your troop. You can also ask the other volunteers and parents of girls in your troop to share on their pages.

Order Materials to Handout

Click here and fill out the form to request materails from GSNEO! We will mail them to the address you enter in 5-7 business days.

Host a ‘Bring a Friend’ Event

Girls may want to invite their friends to see what Girl Scouts is all about. The troop can plan a special ‘Bring a Friend’ event where they can bring friends to try out a Girl Scout activity. Be sure to consult Safety-Wise for the required girl/adult ratios for meetings and purchase non-member insurance.

Volunteer Resources

Click here for more volunteer resources.