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September 2019: Badges: Girl Scouts are Digital Leaders

Technology is part of our lives and here to stay, so being a digital leader is definitely a skill every girl should acquire no matter what career path she chooses. Girl Scouts Developmental Psychologist Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald explains:

What does digital leadership even look like? Spoiler alert: logging hours on Instagram or Minecraft—although fun—isn't going to transform anyone into the next Silicon Valley whiz kid. Why? Because being comfortable using the latest technology is only one part of digital leadership. Surveys of CEOs and hiring managers have revealed that simply being able to code or operate emerging technology doesn’t open the doors it used to. Instead of simply focusing on what a person knows about tech, companies are looking for people who are digital leaders in a more far-reaching, deep way. These people not only understand the digital world but also use their knowledge to make advancements and improvements to society. Today’s digital leaders need to innovate and think critically and creatively, adapt to a quickly changing world, connect and collaborate across teams, and have the confidence to inspire others.

Could your girl be a digital leader? Believe it or not, there’s a chance that your girl is already well on her way to becoming a digital leader! A recent study by the Girl Scout Research Institute showed that girls are actually ahead of boys when it comes to digital leadership by using technology to benefit themselves, their communities, and their worlds by creating, connecting, and innovating. Unfortunately, where they’re coming up short is in the confidence department. “Parents tend to be more cautious and hand-hold girls in the digital world while giving sons more freedom to explore and learn new technologies on their own,” says Girl Scouts’ developmental psychologist Dr. Andrea Bastiani Archibald. “Having adults step in to ‘help’ all the time can make girls question their abilities and can, in many cases, even hamper digital interest and learning.”

So step back, ask her to teach you a thing or two and encourage her to think differently- all ideas that will help your girl on her journey to digital leadership. Girl Scout badges will help spark her interest and build the confidence she needs to join the ranks of successful Girl Scout Alum making the world a better place.

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