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November 2018: We Have Mad STEM Skills

When WKYC Meteorologist Betsy Kling needed a group of girls to show off their STEM skills she knew who to call – Girl Scouts! Since 1912 girls have explored, developed, and sharpened their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills through Girl Scouting. They lead their own adventures, team up with others, and get busy with hands on STEM activities they choose, taking healthy risks in a safe and supportive all-girl setting. STEM matters because it pervades every part of our lives. Scientists conduct research and make big discoveries that help us learn more about the world. Technology- like computers and smartphones- connects people and make our lives easier. E ngineers design and create so much of our environment from buildings to roads to electronics. Math helps us make sense of information, understand how things work, and solve problems in the world.

Women and girls however, are underrepresented across all levels of the STEM pipeline. From their initial interest in STEM as children to majoring in a STEM subject in college, to pursuing a STEM career as an adult, this gender disparity needs to change at every stage of girls' and womens' STEM engagement. Studies show that:

  • Girls and boys do not differ in their math and science abilities but do differ in their interest and confidence in STEM subjects.
  • As early as second grade, youth agree that “math is for boys not girls “.
  • Women are less likely than men to earn a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, and physics.
  • Although women make up half the U.S. workforce, they comprise of less than a quarter of STEM jobs, with the greatest disparities occurring in engineering and computer science. 

For more than a century Girl Scouts has been preparing girls for a lifetime of leadership and yet we have more work to do. We provide countless opportunities for girls to jump into STEM and explore their interests and passions with fun challenging activities like building robots, designing apps and video games, and collecting data to help scientist protect the environment. And we know that girls who participate in Girl Scout STEM programs become more confident in their math and science abilities and more interested in STEM subjects and careers. Join us by spreading the word about Girls Scouts, by volunteering  or  donating. Take action today to change the world, just like a Girl Scout.

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