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Membership Delegate Elections

In the fall of every year, it's membership delegate election time!

As detailed in our Bylaws, each Service Unit can elect a delegate, it is no longer elections by county. Elections will be held at a regular Service Unit Meeting, not at a separate election meeting.  Simple quorum requirement (and easy to achieve!) Membership Delegate Elections are to take place during the 1st quarter of the membership year (10/1 – 12/31/17).

How are Membership Delegates elected?

  • Elections will be held at a Service Unit meeting in October, November, or December. 
  • Registered members, ages 14+, can vote in elections for membership delegates. This means that most of our high school girls can vote!
  • Members can only vote in the election of membership delegates for the Service Unit in which the member resides. 
  • The Election Meeting is presided over by the SUD, and voting takes place very simply. 
  • If the first delegate a Service Unit elects is a girl, they can elect a second delegate.  If the first delegate is an adult, no further delegate can be elected. Note:  Both delegates may be girls.
  • There are no longer Alternate Membership Delegates.
  • Ballot if it is contested election. 

Click on the link to Membership Delegates for more details and links to the relevant information.

If you have any questions, please contact Mona Karoghlanian via email or call 330-983-0407.