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Columbiana Rotary Club Announces 2017 Outstanding Girl Scout of the Year Award Recipient

December 27 2017 Brileigh Kocanjer Outstanding Girl Scout Award press release

Macedonia, OH – The Columbiana Rotary Club presented Girl Scout Cadette Brileigh Kocanjer with the 2017 Outstanding Girl Scout of the Year Award at the annual Youth Recognition Awards Dinner. Girl Scouting has played an important role in giving Brileigh the tools and experiences to help guide and inspire her in life. Throughout her six years as a Girl Scout, she’s gained the confidence and support needed for her to achieve her goals and dreams. Even at 12 years old Brileigh is more disciplined and focused than many adults setting her own schedule and sticking to her many commitments.

“I’m thrilled that she has chosen to be a Girl Scout. Middle school can be such a difficult time and I think [Girl Scouting] has given her a good stable base to stand on. It has given her the confidence to stand up to peer pressure, a great group of friends to support her, and it keeps her active doing positive things for herself and her community,” says her mom, Leigh Ann.

She likes to be involved in everything from Girl Scouts to student council, band, 4H, and sports. After three years of cheerleading for the Little Clippers football team, she decided she wanted to be on the field instead and became the only girl on the team, tackling boys twice her size. When she aged out, she decided to come back to coach a team that had added three girls. 

Her mom, Leigh Ann explained “I think Girl Scouts empowers girls from a young age and was a large factor in her being confident and brave enough to try a traditionally male sport as the only girl.”

As the oldest girl in her family, Brileigh has always assumed a leadership role and that extends in to her desire to help others. Brileigh enjoys the many community service projects her troop has been involved in which have helped to expose her to a variety of different people and given her the opportunity to see in what ways she can help others. Brileigh’s innate compassion to want to make the lives of other’s better, exemplifies the Girl Scout spirit.