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Girl Scout Troop Spruces Up Local Park

Girl Scout Troop Spruces Up Local Park image newsroom

Campbell, OH - Rose Lesnak and her sister, Brandy Jackson, are co-leaders of Troop 80493 in Campbell, and they are always looking for ways in which their troop can serve the surrounding community. Their troop members are frequent visitors of Roosevelt Park in Campbell, so they wondered what they could do to give back to the park which they so appreciate.

Rose and her troop decided to head to city hall to see if there was any way they could help. They were told that there is an “island” in the park that needed cleaned up. Right away, they got to work. This small group of four Daisies and their leaders gathered supplies by searching for the best deals on what they needed, and using what they already had on hand, to clean up the island in the park. They focused on raking leaves, trimming plants, and cleaning up litter. During their project, they also got an unexpected visit from Officer Gulu of the Campbell Police Department. Rose says he was passing by when he saw their troop, and decided to get out and help. He talked with them about the importance of “Stranger Danger,” and the girls even got to interact with his K-9 companion, Pino! She says that the girls were a little scared at first, but ultimately had fun getting to see the dog.

Although this proved to be an eventful experience for the troop, it was nothing out of the ordinary for this dedicated group of girls. Rose says that she and her co-leader, Brandy, try to find ways for the girls to give back to the community as much as possible. This includes regularly volunteering at Roosevelt Park. In fact, they plan on returning on July 14th to restore a fountain in the park, and to clean bricks. They also had a float in a July 4th parade that allowed them to give back to the community, and landed them a story in their local newspaper.

From the troop’s various volunteer experiences, Rose and Brandi hope to teach the girls the importance of citizenship and giving back to the community. They also hope to spread the mission of Girl Scouts wherever they go by being willing to share what they have, and lending a helping hand. The leaders hope the girls apply the lessons learned while volunteering to their interactions with others in the community, at home with parents or grandparents, and when they work on teams and in groups in the future. These leaders want their troop to know all that girls can accomplish when they work together!