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Girl Scouts enjoy a weekend of magic at camp during the Wonderful Wizarding World Weekend

Wonderful Wizarding World 3.16.18 (38 of 80)

Wakeman, OH - Potions, ancient ruins, and wands were just a few of the magical classes imagined and realized by Troop 90537 who led 235 Girl Scouts on an enchanting journey of fun and learning during the Wonderful Wizarding Weekend program at Camp Timberlane in Wakeman, Ohio. The camp’s transformation into a wizarding school was helped along with many of the girls and adults decked out in Harry Potter paraphernalia ready to take on the Harry Potter-inspired weekend.

This is not Troop 90537’s first time putting on this program at a Girl Scout Camp. Last fall they set up shop at Camp Ledgewood and named it Ledgewood Academy. It was such a success that they decided to to offer the program again at a Camp Timberlane.  What makes this program so special is that it was thought up and created by the girls. They created everything from the logo, the curriculum, and in true Girl Scout style, they lead the classes. 

Erin Hosek, the troop leader explained how this program came to be, “We [the troop] took a trip to Roanoke, Virginia last May and saw some patches on a board in our sleeping unit for something similar. The girls to a picture of it for inspiration…” They decided that a magical wizarding weekend sounded fun and it would be a great money-earning opportunity for their planned trip to the UK in 2019.

Each class combined the girls’ individual passions with the Harry Potter theme, including arts and crafts, science, and improv. For Muggle Studies the teachers -or prefects as the girls are referred to during this program- did a silly improv session asking the younger Girl Scouts what various Muggle objects were and questioning the usage of such things as a hat or a traffic cone. In Wands the girls polished, stained, and decorated their own wands and practiced the correct movements to cast spells. During Ancient Runes the girls were tasked with writing code in runes and creating their own personal rune stone and rune necklace. Charlotte, one of the prefects leading this class said “I decided to teach class because I like history and learning about ancient cultures”.  Potions was full of delightful science experiments that had both the girls and adults excited to experience.  The girls got to do their own foam fountain experiment and observe the reaction of sugar and baking soda to fire. In keeping with the Harry Potter theme, this was not merely ordinary chemical reaction but an Ashwinder serpent created from the remains of any magical fire that burns unchecked.

Later in the day, the Kent State University’s Quidditch team taught the girls how to play a modified version of the game seen in the Harry Potter films.  As classes ended, the evening activities included a dance party, a movie, and the hope for another exciting Wonderful Wizarding Weekend in the future.