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Independence High School Senior Works Towards Girl Scout Gold Award: Community Voices

Newsroom Karah Chappel Gold Award April 19 2018

Independance, OH- Independence High School Senior Karah Chappel has been using music to inspire students as a part of her Gold Award Girl Scout project. The Girl Scout Gold Award is the highest award in the Girl Scouts. The goal of being a Girl Scout is to change the world for the better. Previous Gold Award projects have covered the topics of STEM, education, agriculture, and medicine. A Girl Scout must identify an issue in the world, research it thoroughly, get a team together, create a plan to tackle the issue, present the plan, take action, and inspire others with the idea. The long-term goal is to solve a community problem.

Chappel decided to work with music teacher Mrs. Meghan Schatt of Independence Primary School to introduce string instruments to the kindergarten through second-grade students. Chappel herself is a violinist and invited string musicians to perform for the primary school children. The hope was to promote an interest in string instruments. She along with a harpist, who happens to be her brother, Thorin, played during the music classes for the students. Chappel wants them to take an interest in music, specifically the string section due to the lack of an orchestra at the primary school.

In addition to the performance, the musicians who attended the classes explained the techniques for their instruments. By educating the children on how the instruments are played, they can begin to form an idea of what instrument may be a good fit for them. Chappel provided parents with a brochure of information on music in the Cleveland area, as well as several institutions that teach private lessons and rent instruments.

Chappel plans to study music therapy at the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory in the fall. She is one of seven freshmen who was awarded the Trustee Scholarship there which includes tuition, room and board, and a four-year book stipend. She must give a final presentation to the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio Gold Award Committee before finding out if she will receive the Gold Award.

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