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Staff Directory

Don't know who to call?

Call 800-852-4474 and a Customer Care Specialist will assist you.

All phone numbers below are available during business hours.  If you have an emergency after business hours, call the emergency phone line: 330.472.2389.


Amy StangManager, Retail Operations216.404.0509
Angie BlankenshipCoordinator, Registration330.983.0383
Barbara AnzaloneManager, Grant & Funded Initiativesoffice: 330.989.7003 mobile: 234.817.1204
Barbara RodenAccounting Assistant II330.983.0380
Breanna GanuelasMarketing Coordinator & Brand Specialistoffice: 330.983.0421 mobile: 330.245.6778
Bree CanadyWork Study, Girl Experience
Brenda Peake-GordonAccounting Assistant II/Payroll330.983.0379
Brent HajekCoordinator, Fund Development330.983.0430
Catherine MuscaroProgram Facilitator (PT)
Catie HewittManager, Girl Experienceoffice: 440.233.6112 mobile: 330.690.7612
Chloe StrykerWebsite & IT Specialist Helpdesk and STEM Facilitator330.983.0409
Christine TranCoordinator, Website & IT Helpdeskoffice: 330.983.0394 mobile: 234.817.1303
Courtney HjelmquistCoordinator, Retention & Family Engagement Strategiesoffice: 330.983.0141 mobile: 234.817.1281
Dar BobeckAccounting Assistant II330.983.0417
Dave BurlandCamp Manager, Ledgewood330.472.1910
Elyse PitkinCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 216.383.7471 mobile: 234.817.1259
Emily AyersMarketing Coordinator and Social Media Specialistoffice: 330.983.0397 mobile: 330.860.4236
Emily BaskinMembership Engagement Specialistoffice: 330.983.0369
Emily FeinChief Operating Officeroffice: 330.983.0433 mobile: 330.620.1857
Erika HakkoSTEM Coordinatoroffice: 330.983.0386 mobile: 234.817.1238
Fallon PulleyDirector, Girl Experienceoffice: 330.983.0372 mobile: 330.687.7244
Hazel RiveraProgram Facilitator (PT)
Grace EhlertIntern, VSS
Jane ChristysonChief Executive Officeroffice: 330.983.0400 mobile: 330.472.1938
John GravesChief Financial Officeroffice: 330.983.0401 mobile: 330.690.7610
Jon RodkeyCamp Ranger (PT)330.807.3998
Julie WeagraffVice President, Fund Developmentoffice: 330.983.0399 mobile: 440.670.3974
Kaitlyn DibbleAdministrative Assistant, Human Resources (PT)330.526.7923
Katelyn DigheroMembership Engagement Specialist 330.983.0438
Katherine BrenckleManager, Grant & Funded Initiativesoffice: 330.526.7918 mobile: 234.817.1299
Kimberly KlimaDirector, Volunteer Support and Servicesoffice: 330.983.0429 mobile: 216.210.1296
Kristina Markovic Communications Specialist (PT)330.983.0127
Laura MottorManager, Special Events and Annual Giving330.983.0368
Lauren DaDanteManager, Grants330.983.0391
Lindsey HarrisManager, Recruitment (Outside Sales)330983.0434
Lisa MaidaHuman Resources Generalist330.983.0398
Lizbeth KohlerAssistant Director, Customer Services330.983.0431
Mckenzie WrightCoordinator, Volunteer Leadership Developmentoffice: 330.983.0385 mobile: 234.817.1288
Megan MillisorCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 440.233.6112 mobile: 234.817.1287
Megan RybarcykManager, Customer Careoffice: 330.983.0435
Melinda LymanData Assistant330.983.0124
Melissa PeddleLogistics Coordinator, Product Salesoffice: 330.983.0392 mobile: 330.690.7608
Michael CarlstromMembership Data & Systems Administrator330.983.0439
Michael LocherCamp Rangeroffice: 216.210.1632 mobile: 216.210.1632
Michele EddyCoordinator, Campout Reservation330.983.0384
Mona KaroghlanianExecutive Services and Governance Officeroffice: 330.983.0407 mobile: 330.690.9741
Natalie Lane Coordinator, Camp & Event Pathways office: 330.989.7015 mobile: 234.817.1309
Pamela KirikAudit & Accounting Specialist330.983.0365
Rachel RayAdministrative Assistant, Product Sales330.983.0405
Rene KizysAdministrative Assistant - Girl Experience
Roxanne BaselResearch and Evaluation Analyst (PT)
Shay HillCommunity Membership Executive330989.7008
Shayna BartlettManager, Volunteer Relationsoffice: 330.983.0373 mobile: 234.817.1253
Sherry TurnerCoordinator, Recruitmentoffice: 330.983.0427 mobile: 330.690.7609
Stanley PoloCamp Ranger 216.390.0012
Sue MajzunAssistant Director, Product Salesoffice: 330.983.0393 mobile: 330.612.7229
Tirzah CurryCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.983.0393 mobile: 234.817.1250
Tony DunlapManager, IToffice: 330.983.0389 mobile: 330.690.9742

North Canton

Allison EriseyCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.983.7927 mobile: 234.817.1285
Ashley SandersCommunity Membership Executive330.526.7928
Jane FisherCustomer Care Specialist330.526.7929
Julie LampeManager, Community Membershipoffice: 330.983.0440 mobile: 330.620.6675
Kimberly DolanCoordinator, Product Sales330.983.0378


Ed LampeCamp Manager, Timberlaneoffice: 440.965.5927 mobile: 440.670.2482
Kenton GarwoodCamp Rangermobile: 419.706.2947
Melanie CheshierCustomer Care Specialist440.233.6112
Rebecca BishopCoordinator, First Year Member Engagement Strategiesoffice: 440.233.6112 mobile: 234.817.1256


Ann SizemoreCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.989.7005 mobile: 234.817.1239
Dee PurdieCustomer Services Specialist330.989.7000
Donna DeFioreManager, Outdoor Girl Experienceoffice: 330.983.0437 mobile: 330.472.7801
Douglas ShaulisCamp Manager, Sugarbush330.604.3329
Jennae RogersCoordinator, Volunteer Relationsoffice: 330.989.7011 mobile: 234.817.1257
Kendra AllenCoordinator, Product Salesoffice: 330.989.7006 mobile: 330.690.3975
Sabbrina LandersCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.989.7009 mobile: 330.690.7615