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Staff Directory

Don't know who to call?

Call 800-852-4474 and a Customer Care Specialist will assist you.

All phone numbers below are available during business hours.  If you have an emergency after business hours, call the emergency phone line: 330.472.2389.


Alex MolinariIT Intern
Amy StangManager, Retail Operations216.404.0509
Angie BlankenshipEvent Registration Coordinator330.983.0383
Ashley HendrixCoordinator, Fund Development330.983.0430
Ashley SzczesniakResearch and Evaluation Intern
Barbara AnzaloneManager, Grant & Funded Initiativesoffice: 330.989.7003 mobile: 234.817.1204
Barbara RodenAccounting Assistant II330.983.0380
Beth WagnerWork Study, Fund Development
Breanna GanuelasStrategy and Brand Engagement Coordinatoroffice: 330.983.0421 mobile: 330.245.6778
Breeaun CanadyWork Study, Girl Experience
Brenda Peake-GordonAccounting Assistant II/Payroll330.983.0379
Candace HarmonManager, Corporate Philanthropy & Eventsoffice: 330.983.0368 mobile: 234.817.1303
Caprice WilsonVolunteer Support Assistant (TEMP)330.983.0139
Catie HewittCoordinator, Camp & Event Pathwaysoffice: 440.233.6112 mobile: 330.690.7612
Chloe StrykerIT Work Study
Christine TranWebsite and IT Specialist330.983.0394
Courtney HjelmquistCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.983.0141 mobile: 234.817.1281
Danielle NungesserCamp Registration Coordinator330.983.0384
Dar BobeckAccounting Assistant I330.983.0417
Dave BurlandCamp Manager, Camp Ledgewood330.472.1910
Deborah KroupaAssistant Director, Girl Experienceoffice: 330.983.0422 mobile: 330.690.2476
Deborah ShropshireManager, Human Resourcesoffice: 330.983.0382 mobile: 330.906.3146
Elana KohRecruitment Coordinatoroffice: 330.983.0366 mobile: 330.604.0223
Emily BaskinMembership Engagement Specialistoffice: 330.983.0369
Emily FeinChief Operating Officer / Director, Girl Experienceoffice: 330.983.0433 mobile: 330.620.1857
Fallon PulleyManager, Girl Experienceoffice: 330.983.0372 mobile: 330.687.7244
Giselle TorresSr. Manager, Recruitment (Inside)office: 216.383.7473 mobile: 330.690.7614
Grace CadenaIT Intern
Grace CullisonMembership Engagement Specialist216.535.7900
Grace EhlertMarketing Intern
Jane ChristysonChief Executive Officeroffice: 330.983.0400 mobile: 330.472.1938
Jennifer DobrilovicCoordinator, Girl Experienceoffice: 330.938.0386 mobile: 330.808.4496
John GravesChief Financial Officeroffice: 330.983.0401 mobile: 330.690.7610
Jon RodkeyCamp Ranger (PT)330.807.3998
Judy MatulevicusManager, Website & IT Help Deskoffice: 330.983.0375 mobile: 330.283.0199
Julie WeagraffDirector, Fund Developmentoffice: 330.983.0399 mobile: 440.670.3974
Kareemah RoseCoordinator, Grants and Funded Initiatives216.383.7467
Katelyn WarrenMembership Engagement Specialist 330.983.0438
Katherine BrenckleManager, Grant & Funded Initiativesoffice: 330.526.7918 mobile: 234.817.1299
Katy JanecekCustomer Care Specialist330.983.3410
Kimberley GravesDirector, Marketing, Communication & Recruitment Strategiesoffice: 330.983.0376 mobile: 330.618.5177
Kimberly KlimaDirector, Volunteer Support and Servicesoffice: 330.983.0429 mobile: 216.210.1296
Kristina Markovic Communications Specialist (PT)330.983.0127
Lauren DaDanteManager, Grants330.983.0391
Lisa MaidaHuman Resources Generalist330.983.0398
Lizbeth KohlerAssistant Director, Customer Services330.983.0429
Lydia Mainzer Marketing Intern
Mckenzie RandCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.983.0385 mobile: 234.817.1281
Megan MillisorCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 440.233.6112 mobile: 234.817.1287
Megan RybarcykCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 216.383.7471 mobile: 234.817.1259
Meghan DuesCoordinator, Volunteer Support and Services330.983.0396
Melinda LymanData Assistant330.983.0124
Melissa PeddleLogistics Coordinator, Product Salesoffice: 330.983.0392 mobile: 330.690.7608
Michael CarlstromData Administrator330.983.0439
Michael LocherCamp Rangeroffice: 216.210.1632 mobile: 216.210.1632
Michele EddyRetail Associate330.983.0395
Mona KaroghlanianExecutive Services and Governance Officeroffice: 330.983.0407 mobile: 330.690.9741
Natalie HendersonSocial Work Intern, Girl Experience
Natalie Lane Coordinator, Camp & Event Pathways office: 330.989.7015 mobile: 234.817.1309
Nicole WelshCoordinator, Volunteer Learning and Developmentoffice: 330.983.0364 mobile: 234.817.1251
Nicolle SiglerStrategy and Brand Engagement Coordinatoroffice: 330.983.0397 mobile: 330.860.4236
Pamela KirikAccounting Assistant I330.983.0365
Pamela ValentineManager, Community Developmentoffice: 330.526.7931 mobile: 330.690.7613
Rachel DotyMarketing and Communications Coordinator (TEMP)330.983.0428
Rachel RayAdministrative Assistant, Product Sales330.983.0405
Roxanne BaselManager, Research and Evaluation330.983.0426
Shayna BartlettCoordinator, Volunteer Relationsoffice: 330.983.0373 mobile: 234.817.1253
Sherry TurnerRecruitment Marketing Coordinator office: 330.983.0427 mobile: 330.690.7609
Stacy Bubba Community Membership Executive office: 330.983.0403 mobile: 234.817.1238
Stanley PoloCamp Ranger 216.390.0012
Sue MajzunAssistant Director, Product Salesoffice: 330.983.0393 mobile: 330.612.7229
Tony DunlapManager, IToffice: 330.983.0389 mobile: 330.690.9742

North Canton

Abby DarinCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.526.7928 mobile: 234.817.1286
Jane FisherCustomer Care Specialist330.526.7929
Jo Anna MeeCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.526.7927 mobile: 234.817.1271
Julie LampeManager, Community Membershipoffice: 330.983.0440 mobile: 330.620.6675
Kimberly DolanCoordinator, Product Sales330.983.0378
Shannon CarrCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.526.7921 mobile: 234.817.1285
Susan EggemanCustomer Care Coordinator330.983.0435


Brenda SweetCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 216.404.0150 mobile: 234.817.1254
Ed LampeCamp Manager, Timberlaneoffice: 440.965.5927 mobile: 440.670.2482
Kathryn CarpenterCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 440.233.6112 mobile: 234.817.1237
Kenton GarwoodCamp Rangermobile: 419.706.2947
Melanie CheshierCustomer Care Specialist440.233.6112
Rebecca BishopCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 440.233.6112 mobile: 234.817.1256
Sarah JordanCoordinator, Product Salesoffice: 440.233.6239 mobile: 330.814.4745


Ann SizemoreCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.989.7005 mobile: 234.817.1239
Dee PurdieCustomer Services Specialist330.989.7000
Donna DeFioreManager, Outdoor Girl Experienceoffice: 330.983.0437 mobile: 330.472.7801
Douglas ShaulisCamp Manager, Sugarbush330.604.3329
Jennae RogersCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.989.7011 mobile: 234.817.1257
Kendra AllenCoordinator, Product Salesoffice: 330.989.7006 mobile: 330.690.3975
Sabbrina LandersCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.989.7009 mobile: 330.690.7615
Susan TaylorCommunity Membership Executiveoffice: 330.989.7008 mobile: 234.817.1258