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Year of Healthy Living

Healthy Living Patch

Girl Scouts of all ages have a long-standing commitment to their communities, their health, and their environment. Get active with GSNEO and participate in our Council’s Year of Healthy Living, Year of Service, and Year of Green Living patch programs. Complete 6 of 9 options for each of the patch programs.

Patch Program Update!

We no longer require you to complete a reporting form, it’s ‘on my honor’ participation! Purchase your patches for all Girl participants in the GSNEO shop or online

Year of Healthy Living

September - Fresh Food Fun

Visit a local farmer’s market for fresh fruits and vegetables. Add a fresh fruit or vegetable to each meal for one week. Make a list of all the fruits and veggies you eat during the week.

October - Step It Up!

Use a pedometer to measure your daily steps—make a goal to reach at least 5,000 steps on 10 days during this month. Don’t have a pedometer? There’s an app for that!

November - Rest & Relaxation

Learn and practice three relaxation techniques. What works best for you? Is it yoga, aromatherapy, meditation, or massage?

December - Family Time Meals

Plan healthy menus with your family for four meals this month. Assist with grocery shopping and meal preparation. Research menu options and portion sizes for the meals you prepare. Be as healthy as you can be!

January - Water Wise

Trade those sugary drinks for healthy water options. Make your water sassy by adding frozen fruits or fresh citrus. See what unique combinations you can create! Make your goal to drink 6-8 glasses of water every day for one week.

February - Electronic Dance Break

Are you tied to your electronics this winter? Turn on your favorite song and move more than your thumbs. Put your whole body into action during television commercials or press pause on your video games. Record at least five dance breaks every day for one week.

March - March Munchies

Swap those sweet snacks for superfoods! Create your own list of 20 healthy snack options to satisfy your afterschool cravings. Post your list on the refrigerator and check your snack success this month!

April - Take a Hike!

Spring has sprung! Get moving outdoors with a hike in your local park. Map a one mile trail and hike three times this month.

May - Sport Girls

Try some new sports to enjoy on your own or with a group of friends. Make a list of all the sports you haven’t tried and pick two to sample this month. Will you be swimming, roller skating, ice skating, rock climbing, canoeing, or scuba diving?