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New Girl Scout Badges

Presenting new badges that spark her imagination.

There are now new ways for Girl Scouts of all ages to explore their world, whether online or unplugged!

The newest class of badges take on even more topics that Girl Scouts and their families care about such as building on lifelong money management skills, developing a better understanding of the GS Law, learning how current interests align with jobs in STEM, and helping heal our world through action.

Earning the badges is also easier than ever: based on feedback from girls, volunteers, and families, the new badge booklets now include a volunteer guide and printable activity pages for girls, as well as new badge overviews in the Volunteer Toolkit and fun and fast badge introductions in gsLearn.

Meet the new Girl Scout badges:

Financial Literacy (Daisies through Ambassadors):

Gain control of your financial success. The modernized Financial Literacy badges aim to develop confidence in money matters. Girl Scouts will understand the value of money, know the importance of budgeting, and learn how to plan for the future. These skills are essential at any age.

Daisy Petal (Daisies):

The Daisy Petals  offer a new and fun way for girls, parents, and volunteers to navigate the first two years of Girl Scouting. These new activities help build on the existing inventory of Petal programming.

Brownie Pets Badge (Brownies):

Do you have what it takes to be a pet owner? An updated version of the Brownie Pets badge will teach you what you need to know about caring for your furry friend.

STEM Career (Daisies, Seniors, and Ambassadors):

Connect the dots and learn how your passions and skill set can mean a career in the STEM industry.

Global Action Award (All Ages):

The Global Action Award has Girl Scouts in the front seat by empowering them to take action in their communities. Learn about the environment and global poverty, raise awareness, and join in the effort of creating a better world.


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