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Ways to Volunteer

Whether you can give a few hours, a few weeks, or a few months, volunteering with Girl Scouts is flexible and fun.

Below are descriptions and a list of all the volunteer opportunities with Girl Scouts of North East Ohio. You will find both "specialized" volunteer roles (which are not affiliated with a specific troop or Service Unit) as well as the traditional Girl Scout troop and service unit positions. These are organized by category so that you can find the best role for your time and talents.

Click on the volunteer role below that best suits you to learn more and get started!

Traditional Troop or Service Unit Roles

Be the troop leader who supports her every week—the one who watches her smile get bigger as she grows more confident. Mentor a Girl Scout Cookie Professional during cookie season so she can earn enough to reach the goals she and her troop set. Or work with other adults to provide the kind of behind-the-scenes support that makes it possible for her to make amazing new memories at Girl Scouts.

Check out the possible volunteer roles below.

Troop Volunteers
Role Description
Troop Leader Troop Leaders provide a direct, personal service to girls by acting as a role model and helping them reach their goals. Leaders work with their troop to complete activities such as badges and Journeys, and help keep the troop focused on the different goals and intentions of the girls in the troop. Leaders host meetings, activities, and help plan trips for the troop and oversee the overall function of the troop.
Troop Admin In assistance to the Troop Leader, the Troop Admin helps to oversee the function of the troop by helping to keep the troop focused on the girls’ specific goals and intentions. While still a Troop Leader, the Troop Admin’s specific roles include documentation, paperwork, and communication with Council.
Troop Program Guide The Troop Program Guide is the leader who helps to oversee the programs and activities for the troop. This leader will help to plan trips, journeys, badges, and so on in order to help ensure the goals of the girls are met. With the Troop Leader and Troop Admin, the Troop Program Guide helps to run meetings and oversee the overall function of the troop.  
Troop Treasurer The Troop Treasurer manages the troop's funds, and assists with budgeting and financial planning, in accordance with GSUSA's and GSNEO's financial policies and procedures.
Troop Helping Hand Running a Girl Scout troop requires the involvement of all parents/guardians. Helping Hands volunteers assist with their daughter's/girl's troop in various ways depending on the needs of the troop volunteer.
Troop Field Trip Driver Troop Field Trip Drivers participate with their troop by driving girls in the carpool for troop field trips.
Troop Field Trip Chaperone Troop Field Trip Chaperones participate with their troop by chaperoning field trips outside of the regular troop meetings.
Troop Product Sale Manager (Cookie or Magazine & Snack)
Coordinate the annual cookie sale or magazine & snack sale at the troop level. Set up cookie booths, manage inventory and money, and then watch the girls light up when they earn the rewards for being the best cookie sellers ever!

Service Unit Volunteers

Service Unit Volunteers                                
The service team is a group of committed, focused, and passionate volunteers who fulfill their roles to the best of their abilities. Service Unit Teams oversee and manage troops within a set geographic area, typically by school districts.

Service Unit roles listed below are not self-selecting roles. Volunteers wishing to serve in a service unit team role should complete the interest form at the link below to be considered.

Role Description
Service Unit Director The Service Unit Director is the key volunteer representative for Girl Scout operations within a service unit. She/he provides leadership to the service unit team, and is responsible for retaining and extending membership to all girls and approved adult volunteers within a geographic area, and for supporting program opportunities consistent with the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.
Service Unit Troop Mentor Service Unit Troop Mentor establish new troops within the service unit. The Troop Mentor and Community Membership Executives work in tandem to facilitate parent meetings to encourage participation and identify direct primary roles, then help them get started in their new roles.
Service Unit Registrar Service Unit Registrars educate members and assist with membership registration and renewal as well as maintain accurate record keeping within the service unit. The Service Unit Registrar works in tandem with council staff to ensure all participants are approved, registered Girl Scout members.
PR Coordinator PR Coordinators generate leads at the service unit level, act as brand advocates in their communities, and implement the Council-wide recruitment marketing campaigns. The PR Coordinator and the Recruitment Marketing team work in tandem to implement plans and tactics that support the recruitment of girl and adult members.

Looking to volunteer with a specific troop or service unit? Click "Volunteer Today"!


Specialized Volunteer Roles

Not looking to volunteer with a specific troop or Service Unit, but have special skills you'd like to share? Browse the volunteer opportunities below.

Event Volunteer
Role Description
Event Volunteer

As an event volunteer, you may participate in events, programs, or fundraising initiatives. You’ll share your talents, skills and expertise, and you’ll work with girls or behind the scenes with other adults.

You can sign up to help out with events based on your availability and interest.

Girl Programming
Role Description
Badge Boss Host a Badge workshop to help girls achieve very specific goals and badges using your expertise and talent in a specific subject.   
Career Exploration Expert
Host a seminar or workshop for girls to teach them about a specific topic or career path based on your field of expertise.
Program Aide Trainer Program Aide Trainers train girls to be role models for younger Girl Scouts. They work with girls to deepen their understanding of leadership.


Outdoor Programming
Role Description
Outdoor Program Volunteer As an Outdoor Program Volunteer, you may participate in outdoor events or programs on our 3 camp properties (Camps Timberlane, Ledgewood, and Sugarbush). You’ll share your talents, skills, and expertise while you work with girls or behind the scenes with other adults. Examples of Outdoor Programs/Events: Camp Open Houses, Family Fun Days, Daisy Day, Cadette Summit, etc.
Archery Program Facilitator
Archery Program Facilitators are level I certified through USA Archery to run archery programs for girls. Archery Program Facilitators are focused on introducing basic archery skills to beginners. Facilitators sign up to lead Hit the Target programs at GSNEO camps. Facilitators set up the equipment, provide an orientation and brief lesson, demonstrate how to shoot properly, and monitor/coach while girls take turns shooting.
Canoe Program Facilitator
Canoeing programs give girls the opportunity to acquire the techniques and skills to participate in the sport. Instructors are required to teach at least 1 facilitator course to adults a year, plus be scheduled to run or “be on call” to run for at least 3 canoeing programs for girls each year on one of our camp properties.
Low Ropes Program Facilitator Low ropes facilitators are trained adults who lead teams of girls through the low ropes courses available at each of the three camp properties. Facilitators help set ground rules, encourage communication, give positive reinforcement, and facilitate ground games before entering the low ropes course. A low ropes facilitator’s primary job is to make sure girls get a positive and safe experience from participating on the course.
Observatory Program Facilitator Astronomy programs give girls the opportunity to learn about our universe through the use of our 3 observatories (located on camp properties), telescopes, binoculars, and our STARLAB inflatable planetarium. To encourage girls’ interest in STEM, it’s important to engage them in hands-on activities that provide ties to real-world applications. Astronomy facilitators are responsible for helping girls get excited about science and technology through the use of the observatories and telescopes as well as provide a variety of experiences for girls of all ages.
STARLAB Program STARLAB facilitators are responsible for helping girls get excited about space through the stories of constellations and mythology of different cultures and provide a variety of experiences for girls of all ages.


Adult Learning & Support Opportunities
Role Description
Adult Learning Facilitator Be the trainer for the trainers! Adult Learning Facilitators teach other volunteers a variety of skills. Everything from First Aid to Archery and even how to make a campfire! The possibilities are endless!
Camp Coach Camp Coaches are positive, caring, and responsible adult volunteers who serve as a trusted friend and guide to girls and leaders at camp. She/he supports and facilitates safe troop/group camping at all GSNEO Council owned properties.  


Green Team
Role Description
Green Team Volunteer Green Team Volunteers help with a variety of projects and administrative tasks. Typical projects could include product sale or camp kit assembly, event preparation, and patch organization. Projects are based on the volunteers' time and interests.


Committee Member
Role Description
Committee Member Committees are groups of people who work on specific initiatives, such as History and Archives, Gold Award, Volunteer Recognition, etc. To learn how to join a specific committee click on the button and complete the interest form.


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