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GSNEO Incident/Accident Report Form

Procedures for Accidents

Although you hope the worst never happens, you must observe Council procedures for handling accidents. At the scene of an accident, first provide all possible care for the sick or injured person. Follow established Council procedures for obtaining medical assistance and immediately report the emergency. To do this you must always have on hand the Yellow Emergency Plan for Girl Scouts card, health forms and permission slips.

After receiving a report of an accident, Council staff will immediately arrange for additional assistance at the scene, if needed, and will notify parents/guardians, as appropriate. If a child needs emergency medical care as the result of an accident or injury, first contact emergency medical services, and then follow Council procedures for accidents and incidents. Your adherence to these procedures is critical, especially with regard to notifying parents or guardians. If the media is involved, let Council-designated staff discuss the incident with these representatives.

As the troop leader/service unit leader, you are required to submit an Incident/Accident Report even if emergency care is not required. This form is below and is filled out digitally and transmitted to the Council when you click the "submit" button. Do not forget to include the Parental Permission slip or Activity Release, Hold Harmless & Consent Form when submitting your Incident/Accident report.