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GSNEO Incident/Accident Report Form

Even though this form may be titled “Incident/Accident Report Form,” please keep in mind that it is NOT just for use when an injury occurs. Volunteers are to submit an Incident/Accident Report even if emergency care is not required.

Many different types of incidents should be reported to GSNEO for follow-up, including any conflict that occurs in a Girl Scout setting.

Some examples of situations that would merit a report being filed include:

  • A girl falls at camp and skins her knee
  • The money box is stolen from a cookie booth
  • A bullying situation occurs at a troop meeting
  • A parent volunteer gets into a fender-bender while transporting girls to an event
  • Two parents with shared custody engage in a conflict in front of girls
  • A window is accidentally broken during a meeting
  • Reporting an infectious disease at a Girl Scout event
  • Reporting a COVID-19 exposure at a Girl Scout event

The Emergency Action Plan card, health forms, and permission slips should be on hand at all times.

Please click this link to fill out the GSNEO Incident/Accident Report.