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GSNEO rewards

GSNEO Rewards is the new microsite for members to find all of their discounts.  Awarded discounts that are displayed are Pathway Passes from the Magazine & Snack Program, Cookie Program and Scoutship.

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Is this where I find my Pathway Passes once they are released from GSNEO?


Notification of Pathway Passes being released will be sent via email, announced on and the GSNEO Facebook page. 

Codes will not be sent to the recipients.  All Pathway Pass codes will be available on release date in GSNEO Rewards.

What are the different codes good for?

Codes are awarded to girl and adult members based on participation in Council Product Sales Programs and Scoutship.

  • Pathway Passes may be used on any girl program listed in Events on the website that accepts discounts. 
  • Council Shop discounts may be used to purchase essential uniform pieces either online or in person at the Council Shop.  Essential uniform pieces are listed in the award notification.
  • Summer Resident Camp discount may only be used toward the program fee that is greater than $100 for one (1) summer program and one (1) girl for which it was awarded.   

FA - Scoutship Award Pathway Pass

CP - Cookie Program Pathway Pass

MSP - Magazine & Snack Program Pathway Pass

SG - Scoutship Award for Girls in the Council Shop

SP - Scoutship Summer Resident Camp discount percentage

Pathway Passes are not eligible for use for troop camping or equipment rental.


How do I use Pathway Passes as payment?
  • Passes are added on the payment page, in the discount code box.
  • Multiple codes can be used.  They need to be entered all at one time separated by a comma
  • Passes must be applied at the time of registration. Credits will not be issued.
  • Unused pathway pass amounts do not carry over.
  • Passes can only be applied to payment for girl programs.
Do I need to create another username and password to access GSNEO Rewards?


To access your list of codes on GSNEO Rewards, you simply need:

  • first name
  • last name
  • troop number (must be 5 digits)
  • email address

All of the items must match exactly what we have on file for the girl or adult member to access codes.  

If you do not know your troop number or your email has changed, please contact Customer Care at 800-852-4474 or email

Why is there a "Log Out" button if I don't need a username or password?

A "Log Out" button is available for anyone using a public computer.  This button removes the traces of your visit to GSNEO Rewards and takes you back to the website.

If you are using a public computer we recommend that you print your code list.   


I'm a troop leader. May I access all of the girls in my troop for their codes?

Pathway Passes are earned rewards that belong to the girl.  Troop leaders may access the codes if they have received caregiver permission first.

Scoutship awards are based on private and priviledged information and any individuals accessing codes must first have caregiver permission.

How do I access several girls in GSNEO Rewards?

GSNEO Rewards is designed to access the codes for one member at a time. 

If you have multiple girls to check codes for, simply click on "Start Over" and you will be taken to the home page of GSNEO Rewards to begin another code search.

Why doesn't a code disappear once it is used?

GSNEO Rewards is not linked to Events Registration.  When a code is used, you will need to check it off as "used" in the box to the right of the code in rewards.   

The system is set to display all codes that are currently valid.  If you have used a code,  it will still show in GSNEO Rewards.

Once a code has reached its expiration date, the code will disappear from the site.

Remember, all codes are good for one-time use only!

What if I don't know which codes I have used?

Contact Customer Care at 800-852-4474 or email and they can check on the codes for you. 

Remember to manage your rewards by "clicking" on the "Used" box to indicate which codes you have used.

Can I download or print my codes?

Yes!  Rewards may be downloaded in an Excel file format or printed.  Buttons are available above the codes for both of these features.

What if I think some of my codes are missing?

Contact Customer Care at 800-852-4474 or email